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for those who seriously just want good advice On What to cut out or how to go about making changes one day at a time by Anna Maria S ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   11/14/2018 1:17:01 PM ( 30 months ago ago)
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Interesting read.

M. A. S.

Hi all. (Super long post but bare with me)

After a year of taking time to omit things from my diet, its safe to say changing what I've eaten has drastically changed my SD flare ups. Although the allergies vary person to person the info still applies.
.i use the words allergies, because after taking a year to learn about my body and works for it, one things for sure, everyone's body responds to everything we out inside of it.

I decided to go to school for holistic nutrition so that i now can help others not only with scalp or skin conditions, but because as a licensed cosmetologist I see so many clients with scalp and skin or health conditions and it's been a blessing to help others change their lives using while foods and move away from steroid and chemically induced medicines.

I know many people want help but some can be stubborn to change and that's ok.

But for those who seriously just want good advice On What to cut out or how to go about making changes one day at a time of be more those happy to help you if you reach out via fb messenger. I don't desire to debate on any post I genuinely want to help those who really want it.

I'll be sharing information with anyone who would like it...

It's a fact That We are what we eat and with SD some of us have it worse than others and not all foods affect everyone the same to some degree i.e...

Im allergic to...
vegetable oil
Canola oil
Sunflower oil
Safflower oil
Turkey chicken beef pork meats
Processed foods (nonoragnic box cereals, canned sauces, etc as most have preservatives in them)

So I don't eat junk food as all chips have vegetable oil in them outside of specific brands that are made in avocado oil.

But my body responds to all these things (may have forgot a few) via flare ups, crust like scabes on scalp, itchiness if eaten.

This list may vary person to person but for my SD, I cannot eat these things. To be honest a whole foods lifestyle changed my life.
Below are a few images of the foods I make. As I meal prep every Monday. I'll share 3...

Image 1 roasted butternut squash
Coconut sugar
Spread on baking pan with parchment paper
Bake at 250 degrees in oven for 30 minutes, flip, then for another 20 minutes.
Note: I do oil-less cooking so no oils (empty calories or preservatives ) were added.

Image 2 salmon *cheese* steak sandwich
I also made some dairy free salmon *cheese* steak sandwiches. I used gluten free bread that had no egg whites in them like most breads.
These cheese slices are poppin. No lie.
This is not a vegan meal lol.
I introduced certain fish back in my life almost a year ago.
Wild caught salmon
Green peppers
Old bay
Garlic powder
Dairy free cheese from any whole foods, giant( in suburbs lol) or mom's organic market)
Please note.... I prepare my meals oil-less so no empty calories or preservatives .
Salmon has omega 3 fatty oils in it.

Image 3 jalapenő pesto lentil pasta
This week I also Made some red lentil pasta with homemade pesto pasta sauce. It's not spicy since I took the seeds out the jalapenő but if you want a kick, add a few.
The pesto consist of...
1 jalapenő seeds removed
A hand full of cashews soaked
Half of 1 green pepper (add more per serving)
Half onion
2 hand fulls of arugula
1/2 bag frozen peas
1/2 cup almond milk
Place in processor or high speed blender.
Garlic powder or fresh
Smoked paprika
Better than bouillon vegetable paste (a little goes a long way)
Heat pan, add enough water to cover bottom of pan, let sources simmer, add pesto let cook until onions and peppers are cooked, pour pasta in, stir, add a dab of Himalayan salt to taste, and serve
Please note I do oil-less cooking so no empty calories or preservatives.
My foods actually goes bad by day 7 if I don't eat it which is fine with me because i know my food is digesting inside me properly since nothing is processed.

Peace and Love.

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