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Re: My treatment protocol for SIBO, IBS and CFS by BrightSideOfLife ..... CFS, ME, CFIDS Alternatives Support

Date:   8/13/2019 1:35:42 PM ( 21 months ago ago)
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You are on the right lines but there are some optimizations that I will recommend.

EDTA - you can buy this in powder and then encapsulate it. Then when you put 2 size zero capsules into your mouth and dissolve them just before the capsule begins to disintegrate. Then wash it down quickly with a glass of water. Be very careful because you do not want EDTA near your teeth!!! It absorbs many metals including calcium, magnesium etc which make up a biofilm.

Quorum Sensing Inhibitors, without these you will not beat a biofilm. Most people fail to do this and as a result they do not eliminate the biofilm. The most complete products which also includes Efflux Pump Inhibitors are BFB-01 & BFB-02. They are essential oils which are meant for external use but the essential oils are safe to consume. However pure Organic oils would be better. They are oils which tend to converge and keeping them dispersed would be beneficial. Making these oils or the same organic oils into liposomes would prevent them from combining into one large oil mass which will have less effect against the biofilm and could miss it entirely.

BTW the burping is often the result of a urease positive bacteria infection of the stomach. This is what is promoting your SIBO. Try spitting out your saliva while you are digesting food ie protein. If you have a urease infection the Betaine HCL is a bit of a waste of time because they will neutralize it as soon as they get urea (saliva) to produce ammonia (alkaline). These bacteria poison the body with ammonia. I have this myself so I have a lot of experience with it.

I do not rate those antimicrobials, they are pretty poor IMO.

I have spent 5.5 years working all this out and I am about to cure my CFS, as soon as I can get around to do it. I have so many other things using up my time that I have not been able to find time to do it. My washing machine failed and I am having to spend hours trying to get washing clean after running out of clothes. I am trying to make the liposomes so that I can test that they successfully prevent the bacteria's communication so that I can eliminate all the biofilms. Ideally a comprehensive list of EPI's to address all possible Efflux Pumps are used to reduce their efflux pumps so that they cannot eliminate/deactivate antimicrobials.

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