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Re: Docs with no common sense by penny2 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/25/2019 1:11:43 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Some parasite worm/helminth infestations are indeed transmissible / contagious to other persons.
Pinworms is highly contagious, but fairly benign in comparison to other worms which are deadly. All the official medical and scientific literature says that the really nasty trematodes (flukes and schistosomes) are supposedly not directly contagious and cannot complete a full reproductive cycle inside a person, but much of that data was elucidated as far back as a hundred years ago, and IMHO, going on at least 40 years out-of-date. I’ve found no recent peer reviewed papers stating that the lifecycles of things like Fasiola, Fasciolopsis, Schistosoma, etc.... the major food-borne infestations have been positively proven to not have evolved or mutated. These creatures have been around for hundreds of millions of years, and they’ve obviously been able to adapt, evolve, and survive..... and now spread far beyond their generally recognized “home turf” thanks to the proliferation of global trade and travel. With tons and tons of foodstuffs now being imported from Asia, and maybe 2% of it ever getting inspected properly, combined with the American medical establishment being utterly unprepared to deal with large scale parasitic helminth outbreaks of species that have been ignored here since the close of WW2, a “perfect storm” is very likely brewing. God forbid if a foreign government has “weaponized” these parasites by genetic modification, selective breeding, hybridization, etc.
Now that the cat’s been let out of the bag regarding the US govt weaponizing the Lyme Disease spirochete and deer tick as a delivery system many years ago, all bets are off whether China, N.Korea, Russia, even the USA, whoever, has been working on weaponizing helminths... Already, a hybridized schistosome has been discovered in Europe, and there’s a group of researchers who are now saying that Schistosoma Haematobium, or possibly this new hybrid, is now sexually transmissible as an STD, and possibly simply transmissible by contact with urine of an infested victim. Schistosomiasis is also transmissible as food-borne metacercariae just like the Fascioloids, and there may be new evidence that when transmitted this way, there might be a new quasi-symbiotic relationship between a mutated Fasciolopsis Buski and a mutated Schistosome of undetermined species by which the Schistosome utilizes the Fascioloids in the intestines in lieu of a snail as their intermediate host, thus reproducing a complete life cycle within a single human victim, and as part of this symbiosis, also allows the Fascioloid to be able to reproduce a complete cycle inside the intestines, with a large number of the Fascioloids getting destroyed in the process as the Schistosomes (and possibly more fascioloids too) develop inside the Fascioloid ultimately rupturing it. This would be a unique, novel example of a trematode employing recursive parasitization of its own kind to implement a reprogrammed reproductive cycle.
Did I mention anything about fears that possibly someone has employed scientific means to weaponize these little monsters.

Things that make you go “Hmmmmmmm????”

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