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Re: My cataract surgery experience. by tke ..... Cataract Forum

Date:   6/24/2020 5:07:49 AM ( 11 months ago ago)
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Hi Jood,
You can try lanosterol eye drops, but basically, lanosterol and other sterols are not likely to improve cataracts, since the sterols have no effect on AGE-alpha crystallin crosslinks. Only a very few substances have the ability to break these tough glycation crosslinks and release the alpha-crystallin. Rosmarinic acid is one of them, but rosmarinic acid eyedrops are unavailable.
Once the alpha-crystallin is released from the AGEs, it should be able to restore clarity to your lens, in the same way as it was keeping your lens clear for years and years before it got tangled up with those AGEs.
Lanosterol is an alpha-crystallin stabilizer, meaning that if you have any alpha-crystallin still free and not bonded to AGEs, then lanosterol will stabilize it in the correct stereochemical conformation (3D shape) for it to restore clarity to your lens. Obviously, if you don't have any free alpha left in your lens, lanosterol won't work. Better to destroy the AGEs, and liberate the alpha-crystallin from its shackles.

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