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evaporated cane juice sugar by MH 108 8 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   9/7/2020 5:14:08 PM ( 11 months ago ago)
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Humans thrive on the 220+ natural herb sugars.

Tree and bush fruit sugar is supreme.

Cane Sugar made by juicing cane and then evaporate the water, leaving sugar crystals rich in minerals---taste like yummy candy. David Christopher told me it was his favorite drink on earth.

Out of all the tree fruit juices, nothing beats orange juice as far as ability to drink for a lifetime. I have drank it for the past 30+ years, often the only drink for years at a time. I have tried most other tree and herb juices and after some time, eventually, I loose the taste for it---but never real orange juice.

That said, herbal tea made with evaporated cane juice (sugar) satisfies as well or better than orange juice. I can drink herbal tea and goes weeks with out orange juice. Otherwise I was use to drinking only a few gallons of water in any given year and only drank orange juice. Herbal tea made correctly, I can drink and not yearn for orange juice.

Often is a giant rip off. 2 examples.

Fish food I use cost $15 local, on amazon $96 for same brand, same weight.

Evaporated cane juice sugar on is over $100 for 50# bag.
Locally today I checked at the amish store and they sell it for $36, but only had 1 bag left and they buy it from another amish store 7 miles away. Not wanting to take their last bag and make them horse and buggy 14 mile round trip to obtain more, they gave me the address of the store. We went there and they buy it by the skid, we purchased 4 bags for $34 per bag. the other store was making $2 profit per bag.


50# of evaporated cane juice

This is a REAL FOOD, a real SURVIVAL FOOD, anything you put it on, will taste good. YOU can eat it by the spoon full direct from the bag. YOU could eat grass with cane sugar sprinkled on if you were starving to death.

200# of real sugar is like 200# of gold if you were starving.

I would have zero trouble buying an entire skid, because true sugar is sterile and last for ever in a sealed bag.

Got a disease? GOOD CHANCE your low on SUGAR. Not that white crap the scientist poison you with.

SUGAR FREE PEOPLE are suicidal in my opinion. I have lived on a very sugar rich diet for the past 30+ years.

Your blood is salty and sweet.

BAD SCIENTIST create fake white crap they call sugar.


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