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Thyroid health by MH 108 8 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   10/11/2020 12:23:48 PM ( 11 months ago ago)
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Thyroid health is "Everything" since 1992 and do not expect an honest answer from medical EVER on the subject of being poisoned by chem trail jets since 1949, hundreds of toxic chemicals added to your city water or poisons in "GENERAL", such as being poisoned at your work place-----the medical world have been trained to never ever agree with you that your work place poisoned you or that anything the gov has ever done, has resulted in poisoning you---because in fact, all of medical are gov employees, protected by the gov that holds their licenses to __________ people and as a result are rewarded by gov for depopulation.

What I call BOOK 2 describes and pictures the chem trail programs since 1949 to 1992 and how they came to ad titanium dioxide to your air, your skin products, shampoos and junk foods and why they did it and why they refused to stop, after they discovered it harms the Thyroid and their experts suggested the children born after 1992 should be well advanced or dead by age 40. By 1992 they believed killing your Thyroid was their golden goose---the way they could finally control the world populations via thyroid death and giving all the wealth to the doctors.

They believe all blood circulates through the Thyroid every 11 minutes. That is amazing when you consider how many thousands of miles of arteries and veins they believe make up the human body. "IF" blood slows down in your body---it will result in disease and death to that part of the body----low oxygen is death.

They believe if you have proper natural iodine, your Thyroid will kill the germs that got into your blood stream.

Iodine floats in our air----back in the days prior to planes and factories, our air was extremely healthy---only in the past 300 years has humans destroyed the planet's health ------that is AMAZING when you consider how healthy humans were prior to cities. Prior to cities, humans were super human compared to today------just 100 years ago, men were monsters of strength compared to any man alive today. 2,000 years ago, men were actual monsters of super strength............they would appear as giants to us mutants today.

Just 200 years ago, humans has superior eye sight and many could see distant of the first medical eye books explains it in great detail-----"IF" you just obtain a news paper from 200 years ago-------YOU will not be able to read it or struggle to read it, because the print is so tiny---yet to healthy humans, that tiny print was large and easy to read. Use old bibles as an example----very small print was standard.

In the past 200 years---humans have been endlessly poisoned and murdered by design and this has resulted in millions of birth defects and humans killing their babies by the millions. Humans, all humans are in fact, mutants compared to their ancestors and are poisoned by bad humans to the point they poison all the air, water and food. The chemicals they have added to your air by design since 1949 are in every food you have ever eaten, along with every breath of air you have ever taken and all of medical knows this--it is their bread and butter---how they own your land eventually. Yet, not one will tell you that they know you have been poisoned, not one---instead the low life's will say YOU ARE CRAZY and need to be put on drugs until their job is done.

Death by poisons is your existence, the very people you would go to for help, will further poison you, because they have been brain washed in their schools to use more poisons.

Titanium Dioxide was added to your air, foods and products in 1992 because after world war 2 USA/USSR learned from Hitler (Harvard) and added aluminum to city water. This aluminum lead to the loss of immunity and created what they call: HIV / AIDS and to this very day, have no cure, no vaccine---etc. because it is impossible to continue to feed people aluminum and expect them to have health or remember their name after they are older. Hitler learned this in Poland and that is the root of the Polish Jokes--Hitler fed them so much poison that the polish people were made fun of for being incapable of functioning---they were the result of college experiments that lead to the cities all being poisoned with aluminum in the water and starting in 1949, they sprayed aluminum world wide---Hitler was the college's graduate, their scientist, their friend at harvard/yale/eroropean colleges. The bad people have been exterminating their competition world wide ever since college creation of world war 1---amazing how VOLKSWAGON and The Vatican survived by design along with all their fellow comrades around the world and how China was spared in the Korean war that has never ended after 70 years. "They", the bad people use antidotes since 1945 and these toxic antidotes that started being made from gold, ended up making all the wealthy people --mad haters, just like dentist became after years of use of mercury---this is why you see so many company CEO today look like they are mentally challenged and do so crazy things..and often die young and live a very perverted lifestyle.

Stop buying titanium dioxide laced foods, soaps, lotions, shampoos............once people learned how they were being murdered by all these organized gov controlled manufacturers, they did stop buying such toxic products, so their labels changed and started calling it EDTA and various other titanium based names or just left off the label---------every gov controlled manufacturer world wide all did it.......THEY ALL OBEY and today we see every country all OBEY with the covic scam--with the exception of North Korea, North Korea announced just days ago that they will not play this game and not 1 human in North Korea has their covic garbage.

Dr. Howard Hay's WAY was the proven medical cure and by 1950 that scared harvard/yale/rockefeller silly and after Dr. Hay, M.D. died, the gov quickly destroyed his clinic and tried to erase it from history--------if it was not for 1 of his hard back books surviving-----they almost succeeded, but thankfully, Dr. Hay, M.D. and the good humans that wrote their books before they died----enabled the truth to survive and surface once again and that book--saved my life and I call that BOOK----BOOK I

IF you can not understand BOOK 1 and apply-----you are a victim of your education and will require medical aid your entire lifetime...

Dr. Hay was published in their yearly medical books-------making him the most successful medical doctor in North American History---so no nurse or M.D. can argue that Dr. Hay was wrong, when he wrote that you NEVER EVER want their drugs, shots, vaccines or operations.......especially never their vaccines.

You can find papers written to the President of the United States long before you were born, where Dr. Hay was protesting the gov vaccines. Today in 2020, the same gov desperately wants all Humans on earth to be heavily vaccinated and has spent trillions of $$$$ to achieve this goal...surely Dr. Hay is rolling over in his grave over this world wide effort to direct inject chosen humans.

The Dr. Hay Way Cure using orange juice-----will enable your blood stream to collect and expel Titanium Dioxide and Aluminum from your entire body-----your elimination organs will OOZE these 2 deadly heavy metal poisons..........EVERY HUMAN can see this, because our tongue is 1 of our many elimination organs and our tongue will ooze aluminum and titanium.

Orange Juice, just like Dr. Hay proved and all the marge medical institutes all agreed after independent studies-----can save your life, restore your life and Dr. Jackson was a living example and his books by far my most favorite health books.

IODINE by 1812 was considered the medical miracle and Dr. Lugol from france stole the theory and made a toxic poison and called it Lugol's Solution. This chemical iodine worked so well, that humans world wide were given Lugol's Solution.............eventually by 1950 it was listed in the top 50 most toxic substances and lead to male children being born with micro penis and Lugol's Solution poisons the baby in the womb---the baby will be born iodine poisoned--------- ALL of medical test iodine based on this poison, they have no clue what organic iodine is---------NO, the ocean and ocean plants DO NOT MAKE IODINE....the ocean is a run off, diluted and real iodine will enter the atmosphere and float in our air-----TREES and BUSH'S have the capability to make IODINE.

TREES and HUMANS are connected---we both live on air, not dirt. WE BOTH EXIST by way of the SUN and AIR---when in balance, we only need AIR and SUN..........when the earth cycle is advanced and incorrect balance of SUN Radiation on earth----life on earth is out of balance and eating occurs--eating your fellow specie and just eating in general and as life becomes sicker, such as with humans--many can not stop eating..........they can not balance their life at all and will eat them selves to death.,

1. STOP buying titanium laced foods/products

2. Learn the HAY WAY---I made it 10x easier and 10x better that Medical knew how to back 90+ years ago........anyone can follow BOOK I--all ages, all humans world wide--no matter how poor or how wealthy they may or may not be.

3. Organic Green Tree Iodine is what I use to call a mixture of herbs---but the world does not like such easy names, so I use shorter versions of that same name to still describe nature' iodine. Nature's Iodine has no measurable iodine, because the fake white coats only test for chemical iodine---they can not test Nature.

Ideally 1 dropper daily was the ideal dosage. Some people would take a teaspoon and some suggest they had amazing results with their heart rhythm, etc. or head healthier smarter babies, etc. IN FACT, even medical blames most all diseases on the lack of proper iodine.

IODINE, even the best, can not stop your death via TITANIUM DIOXIDES and ALUMINUM...........this is why BOOK 1 ALONG WITH BOOK 2 IS THE FOUNDATION OF SURVIVAL.....

ONCE YOU LEARN TO EXPELL THE ALUMINUM AND TITANIUM---that opens the doorway to life. BECAUSE once loaded with these 2 metals, your mentally challenged...and can easily be trained into a zombi gov will do as told, even if that means you kill thousands of people........colleges actually test their graduates to know if they will murder on command..the fresh graduating class are too brain dead to even know they are being tested......they truly have been zombified. The good state of Kentucky about 20 years ago exposed how they test their graduates to know if they will murder when ordered to....and they all passed and obeyed as ordered. ONLY the students that will OBEY---ever get their degrees and their gov license and keep their gov license....those that disobey and refuse, loose their license. WHEN you are sick---the last place you want to enter is any office where the zombis hang their college and state degrees,

The chinese suggest you massage your thyroid in an upward motion---THAT IS A GREAT THING ALL SHOULD DO

Taking Natural Tree Iodine is an herbal miracle----but you will never ever find such a thing sold in a store--it is just a mixture of nuts and berries made my way and can never ever be made twice the same and gets better with age. A little is added to every liquid formula---because all humans do better if they get a little nature's iodine in their diet...

Otherwise, I make salves/ointments and have used them on my throat at bed time for the past 20 years.....this forces blood to come to your throat and try to carry away the herbs on the skin. The same theory applies to the scalp or anywhere you apply such herbs...I also make similar sprays and the sprays are easier to actually put iodine in.

Over years of medical---they suggest the human body only needs a couple of drops of iodine daily and the rest just goes down the toilet---that is prob true, because after all, our air has the correct amounts prior to pollution.......only when humans eat wrong, do they lack iodine and we all--eat wrong.

BOOK 1 and BOOK 2
I estimate less than 20 people on planet earth have read both books completely and understand them-----yet they are so simple a children can read.

Books 1 and 2 are just the basics of life---beginner books-----but because they are about diets and habits and poisons---people ignore them.

NO ONE likes to learn their parents trained them wrong.

NO ONE wants to know they are being poisoned and others want them dead....just too much for them to consider and too easy to just accept it and die by design.


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