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bottle a day by MH 108 8 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   12/4/2020 2:00:56 PM ( 7 months ago ago)
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I am not suggesting humans take a bottle per day-----------but

The boy on the front page of the 502 page book, at age 19, has his own business's and been building since he was 15, drives most anything and because he is a "responsible" teen, he has been clearing snow from the largest commercial companies in a 50+ mile area since he was 16 and a license to drive---BECAUSE the commercial people that contract those large companies----have a hard time finding responsible people at any age that will work all night and make sure factory employees can enter their parking lots during the winter months-------recently he was asked to manage a huge company that makes tank tracks and he is responsible to keep their 12 acre parking lot free of ice and snow... the boss offered him a full time job at 3x the $$ I made after 30 years of working---but he turned the boss down, because he is his own boss at age 19 and he works where and when he wants----at age 19, he now is in charge to the point he sets his own hours and he decides when he needs extra help on bad nights--he decides how many employees he needs to get the job done correctly.

otherwise he enjoys setting out in tree stands, ground blinds, etc. and hunts coyotes late at night or deer with a long bow, his spear time. or driving snow mobiles, motorcycles --------at age 17, he came up 1 foot short on a 110 foot long jump, that he and his cycle was 30+ feet in the air and when he hit the ground at an estimated 65+ MPH to an "instant" stop----his cycle bottomed out and hit both tires, his head hit the front tire before his body flew off the front of the bike-----the 2 medics watching that jump---because many get hurt on it-----------came running, but before they could grab him--he jumped up, went back and picked up his cycle, pushed it back to his truck with the 2 medics following him and saying NO WAY are you OK, no one can take a 65 mile per hour hit to the entire body and WALK AWAY FROM IT---but he not only walked away, he pushed his cycle and threw it into the back of his truck and drove 50 miles home by himself--at age 17.

In the pictures taken of the jump---it shows that when he hit, the impact easily could have thrown the head off the body---but luckily he was weight lifting for football and his neck muscles are huge and kept his head attached to the body....he skipped 1 day of school and played football the following friday night. he had sever whiplash, but beat it in less than a week with the help of the chiropractor that has no fear of sports injuries..........

HIS HERBAL DOSAGE is often a bottle per day----------because he is outside 1/2 of the day in snow, rain, weather and wind---he has been drinking 1 bottle per day of Maximum Restore........if he thinks he may be getting a cold, he will drink the adult max restore.

For this reason and many other reasons, I expanded the Max Restore formula to be the largest formula ever---to follow the 1957 Co-Q10 theory. This ended up a mild tasting formula---with the theory, it supplies the liver a "little" of everything herbs can offer....BUT,naturally you can never ever make the BEST, because the BEST would be a little of ALL and no human possesses all the good herbs----so 1 day, not too far into the future, the Max restore will be blended with several other gigantic herbal blends and then that will be added to a 20 year old base and maybe 1 day---some day, I will say that is as far as i will take it.......but then some person will e-mail and say you ever tried this herb from this country? and before you know it---there is 1 more that can be added........

until people understand that humans were designed by god to live on air and sun alone---they will never understand diet or the true 1957 co-q10 theory----if not for 1reason : that the authors in 1957 were on the right trail, their greed just made them fail.

2 years ago, he did a 30 day orange juice fast and this year he said that seems like a good thing to do every year---january.

not too many kids at age 19 can not eat food for 30 days and enjoy it.


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