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Tapeworms or...? by Balance6789 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   12/30/2020 9:33:54 PM ( 10 months ago ago)
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Hello Health Superheroes.

What are your thoughts?
After having symptoms of parasites for about six months, I was getting ready to order a parasite herbal cleanse I have used before, but not for many years.

I have been desiring chocolate which I never really cared about before.
I tried to eat some chocolate bars, but wanted to just have plain cacao (not cocoa because it is processed differently) powder so I could add the level of sweetness I desired, if I desired. Most commercial mixes are low quality cocoa and also are too sweet for me.

I rarely desire sugar, and only eat fruit about 4-10 times a year. It is not because I am disciplined...sugar just tastes terrible to me, and I don't feel well after eating it. (Not diabetic)

I drank a cup of ginger and lemon tea (In a tea bag, not fresh) about two hours before.
I mixed the pure cacao powder with coconut milk powder, and also added a little Vanilla Rice Dream rice milk. In subsequent cups, I used water with the coconut milk powder and cacao, and not the rice milk.

I am not sure if I can put brand names in this message, but will in a reply if you wish.

I found a mass of the small ones yesterday woven within my poop.

I found the long one today holding three separate poops together...

This long one looks like slightly shimmery golden grass. And no, I have not eaten any golden grass or stringy vegetables lately. :-)

After research, the closest I can get is that they are Tapeworms, but there are only very dim segments visible.
They are also flat.

I have had some health challenges, and discovered it is important to listen to your own wisdom. You know yourself best. I don't recommend you do what I did, but, add it to your thoughts and experiment if it seems strengthening to you.

I felt the need to add this to this forum because I was researching after my discovery of the 'visitors' and found another post here about cacao killing parasites. It is rare to find any information on cacao killing parasites.

I was already an extremely clean living person, but, after this discovery and about 20 hours of cleaning, I now may have the cleanest house in the universe. :-D

Awesome Strengthening and Vibrant Good Health to you.

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