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Night Time by MH 108 8 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   1/31/2021 3:39:42 PM ( 7 months ago ago)
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Night Time Salve

Night Time Salve is basically the "BASE" formula for every imaginable salve desired for human health. Once you have the "base", you can then ad herbs to make anything that salves can do to help with health of mammals.

Example of what Night Time (salve) could be used for:

1. best lip salve you can ever have.

2. It was created to use on your throat "every-night" of your entire lifetime. You put a dab on the front of your throat. This keeps circulation there all night long---eliminates all those sleep issues like choking when your sleeping and those ridiculous machines they make fat people wear on their face all night--(what a torment). Those with that sever issue is a 100% diet creation on their part..

3. can be put all over the neck in chest for those with chest congestion.

4. can be put on/in ears for those with ear ache due to cold wind exposure.

5. can be used for insect bites.

6. can be used for chaffed skin

7. great for all dry skin areas

8. can be used on joints for aches and pains

9, increases circulation where ever applied, for all ages, use slowly on little ones to insure their tinder skin adapts to the herbs with out sign of redness. Redness just a sign the blood is coming to the skin like it should and if visible, the skin will adapt fast and no red seen in a day or 2 as the blood learns the salve is an herbal food.

10. Salves for this purpose have been made for over 150 years, many using petroleum jelly, animal fats, etc. Night Time uses all herbs, no synthetics, so it is "unique" or properly made as all herbal formulas should be foods---not harsh chemicals, aka eatable..........old jars of such formulas instructed to take a dab on your forefinger and put on the back of your tongue for sire throat-----ALL COMMERCIAL labels 20+ years ago started removing all their old suggested information that had anything to do with internal use----that way they satisfy all those controlling human farmers that hate their livestock getting access to herbs or anything that enables them to care for them selves. Putting a dab on the back of the throat---is fantastic when you have a sore throat. Again, with little ones---do not use such methods until they are old enough to tell you they have a sore throat and the wise parents understands all of that stuff is due to wrong diet that creates constipation which creates all diseases known to human health---so spend your $$$ on correct diet and you will not need to educate your self on herbal use so much.

NIGHT TIME is actually the "base" formula of "all". By adding herbs to Night Time-----so many products of human health value can be made----such as Thyroid Salves or to an extreme----LEG ULCER SALVE.

The American Amish are plagued with leg ulcers, due to a lifetime of eating hog meat. Hog meat is cheap to grow and they become highly addicted and often very thin on eating hog meat every day.........often addicted to the salt they use to process the hogs. PIGS / HOGS are used allot in medical for humans-----the pig valves is an amazing thing---my brother holds the WORLD'S RECORD PIG VALVE by far more than any human on is amazing how much the white coats can do with pigs and humans---------but sadly, humans that live on hogs---can often take on the characteristics of pigs---with some so much, that literally, if they took off their cloths and got down on all 4s, their face and body can appear as a hog. That said, hogs have the ability to grow an anus on each leg when farmers grow them in pure pig #### and feed them corn #### that cows did not fully digest and the pigs eat it as the cows poop it out........

So sadly, many amish and others that eat a diet high in hog meat---can develop leg ulcers or what the old doctors called a PIG ANUS on the human leg.

This can plague a human 40+ years, they NEVER FIND A CURE, because they never change their diet. When you talk to an elderly lady or man, they often will say the wound has been open and seeping for 40 years...

Taking Night Time as the base salve---an extreme version can be made that you would pack the wound daily with and take 9 LBB ( or more) Capsules daily with and such a plague could be then cured--------the LBB Required because they are not going to change their diet, nor would they ever be acceptable to the idea that they grew a pig butt on their leg.

SALVES are something all families used back in the day before stores and everyone had a doctor...............

salves are very hard to sale and people just do not use them much anymore...........for that reason, I am going to create the book of salves this year.....


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