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LugoTab or Iodoral by angelwings90 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/17/2021 10:08:32 PM ( 80 days ago ago)
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Iím unsure if Iím posting this correctly as I am new on here, but here goes. I just finished reading ďThe Iodine CrisisĒ and will continue to learn more and read the other Iodine books as well. I have no Iodine Literate Practitioner in my area and I prefer to work with one. However, since one is not available to me, I am going to order the 24-hour Iodine Loading Urine Test from Hakalalabs. After 3 months of supplementing with Iodine and the companion nutrients and salt-loading, I will retest my urine. Then continue periodic tests to determine when I can remain at 50 mg after building to a higher dose to flush out the bromine and fluoride.

Hakalalabs offers LugoTab and suggests using LugoTab for their test. However, in the book (and Iím sure given it was written several years ago) it recommends Iodoral. My question is how does the LugoTab that Hakalalabs sells compare to Optomaxís Iodoral? Is it of the same quality and efficacy?

Currently I am supplementing with Lugolís Solution 2% two drops so 5 mg per day for four days. Prior to that I was using 1 drop a day for a little over a week. That was before I read the book, and I didnít understand. Iím doing it slowly since I am waiting for my order to arrive of my companion nutrients of magnesium and selenium. As of yesterday I increased my dosage of Vitamin C and began salt-loading. Also, since I have started the two drops I feel dizzy and nauseous all day everyday.

I have struggled with a pineal gland cyst for about 8 years and my original recent introduction to iodine was for flushing out fluoride and decalcifying the pineal gland. I am doing other supplements to aid in decalcifying and supporting the pineal gland including turmeric, Fulvic acid, jatamansi (spikenard), neem, and apple cider vinegar.

After the initial recommendation to use iodine for pineal gland support, I started reading more online and reading the book. I had no idea! Now I want to try this completely with the protocol and see if my body will heal on its own when itís given what it needs. The cyst causes debilitating symptoms including migraines, brain fog, and vision issues only to name a few out of much more. Does anyone have success with their pineal gland or specifically a pineal gland cyst after Iodine therapy?

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