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Re: Distilled Water Burning When Breathed In Through Nebulizer by #167371 ..... Cystic Fibrosis Forum

Date:   8/25/2021 11:27:53 PM ( 9 months ago ago)
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You are right and wrong at the same time:

GoldenGevity makes a proven 2000 to 12,000 PPM, certified by laboratory analysis.

You are correct that Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver cannot be made with High PPM unless they use chemicals, and even then I doubt they can make anything that is good for the body.

You are wrong in assuming that that NO ONE can make High PPM without the use of Chemicals GoldenGevity is the only company on the planet that makes High PPM without the use of chemicals that is verifiable with a TDS Meter. Many that claim to have 5000, up to 10,000 PPM are made with chemicals and have an Iodine looking color, but when tested they only read about 250 PPM or so with a TDS Meter.

Spare me the "TDS meter is not reliable" remark, because everyone uses them to check their PPM.

The difference in GoldenGevity Products compare to the Low PPM (anything under 500 PPM is Low to me). Is that GoldenGevity Products do not make nanoparticles, they make Atomic Particles which are in reality true Trace minerals.

Silver Trace Minerals are the ONLY particle size that the EPA approves and has proven to be safe, all other Colloidal Silver nanoparticle and Ionic products have massive particles that will eventually get stuck in the liver or kidneys and create other long term health problems.

Atomic particle penetrate at the cellular level: If one human cell contains hundreds of trillions of atoms, a single atomic particle of silver will surely penetrate even past the blood brain barrier.

You guys have known about GoldenGevity for more than 10 years and still ignore the fact that they are superior to anything that has ever been made in the Colloidal Silver industry, shame on you with tens of thousand of people you could have helped, you chose to ignore a product that really works!


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