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Developing a debilitating headache is a copout by FocusOnHealth ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   12/17/2021 11:08:22 AM ( 9 months ago ago)
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> I never reached the point of drinking the oil mixture, because throughout the day of eating no fat/protein, I would come down with a migraine, which became debilitating by evening time. I don't get migraines that often, but I did also get one the day I tried to do a fruit fast, which was also no protein or fat, so that's the common denominator.

Sapphi, there is an infinite number of food combinations... and you have your biochemical individuality... so it's your job to figure out what works for you.

> Does anyone know if it's ok to do a coffee enema the day of the actual cleanse? Or must it be a water only one? Because I've read that coffee enemas can help headaches.

No, it's not okay unless it is a part of the protocol. Therefore, if you want to succeed, then do not include it. Other than that, feel free to experiment as much as you want... it's your body... your time... and your life.

> I've been trying to figure out if protein is as important to avoid on that day, as fat, or not quite. Most things that have protein, also have fat, and I know that animal products are to be especially avoided. But if I would have a few sips of a smoothie that has almond protein with breakfast, for example, would that be ok? And how about if the veggies I have for lunch have a few beans in them? Because, the way I see it, rice is recommended in Moritz' book, and rice does have a small amount of protein. So as long as I stay low in protein, and very close to 0 fat, I think/hope it will be ok. I know it says that if you eat these things, you'll feel sick from the cleanse, but the way I've been going, the migraines I get from *not* eating them, make me so nauseous, that I couldn't imagine drinking oil, I was just in agony. This is my last weekend before travel, so I really want to do this. I'll try to post an update.

Sapphi, Don't try to be a perfectionist. Do you really-really want to do the liver flush? Then just do it! Developing a debilitating headache is a copout... a convenient excuse for inaction.

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