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How long is just enough for self administered (non doctor prescribed) daily oxygen therapy so your body does not build up dependence? by #170492 ..... Oxygen Therapies Support Forum

Date:   4/21/2022 8:42:29 PM ( 4 months ago ago)
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Recently I purchased an oxygen concentrator to use therapeutically during work. After having an unknown illness for a couple months recently I found my oxygen levels hover between 93-96% and I don't seem to breath regularly (I find myself oddly holding my breath and can't seem to break myself from doing this). After this sickness I also find myself being more foggy without as quick of mental recall. Previous to this illness I was accustomed to having near instant recall on many things and given my line of work this rapid recall is important. I now find myself thinking for a few seconds or longer to remember some things that should be rather quick for me. I'm just under 40 years old and there have been no other real changes in my life except for the illness. A friend recommended self administered oxygen therapy with examples of them seeing other friends and family with positive results.

So I went ahead and purchased the oxygen accumulator/concentrator, but when I did this the selling company gave me a slew of warnings that I could become dependent upon the device if I use it "too much". They couldn't seem to tell me how much "too much" was and refused to since it was not prescribed by a doctor.

Does anyone have any idea of how much "too much" could be? I do not live in a high altitude area and I don't live at sea level, so oxygen should be fairly "normal" for my normal amounts. I also don't live in a polluted area so the air is quite fresh.

I'm just not sure if I should use it for the 8-12 hours a day I sit at my desk or maybe use it for the 6 hours of sleep I get a night or if I should use it during another time and in smaller segments of time.

Any ideas for an optimal time calculation or simply what should be enough without causing trouble?

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