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Re: Baby Formula by UserX ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   5/17/2022 12:26:31 PM ( 5 months ago ago)
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many europeans that came to america, lived on milk, eggs meats and lived 150 years old----according to Dr Bates the eye author, they could see distant planets.......

FACT, look at any book, news paper from the 1600's, the print is so tiny, the majority of humans today, can not read it with out a magnifying glass.

Roman Soldiers were literally GIANTS compared to any human today......

FACT, after the gov military murdered the first wave in world war 1, they stated as fact, their second wave of victims for world war 2, could not pass a physical ----the men of World War 1 were extremely STRONG.......and the children of the Civil War could have kicked their butts.

The colleges and all their mayors / judges / sheriff / politician by 1915 along with 100% of the news media were 100% corrupt murderers with the exception of the Spain King and working for their pxxxx-----who work for Jxxxx; they created world war 1 and wanted to murder all the strong men and take control of all women------hxxx, wanted every black/brown and none cxxxxxxx disobedient white person on earth sterilized--------the european colleges, all set out to murder over 2 billion people to date...

They created the vaccines in the 1800's to blend animals and humans to create slaves, by 1970 they were blending aliens into all humans and along with China, they were all breeding humans with apes...NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC early 1970 showed the early 1/2 human apes......NAT GEO last year, proved the California cops have been selling military grade weapons by the thousands to the mexican cartels and border guards freely permit 1 million slaves monthly and passage of military weapons to conquer america...

Every american has been under attack since 1915 and 100% of the politicians come from the colleges, that fall down and obey the pxxxxx and call them their father gods; or they have no job----they do not collect millions as politicians. Their gods, obey Jxxxx and Jxxxx wants Russia slaughtered.

Via dna testing and now 5 g, they know who is left as a true human-------------the true humans are being "exterminated" by Jxxxxx via Unit 731 american/european military/medical. The air force Unit 731 sprays the planet with chemicals daily since 1949------they all are owned by Jxxx, who controls their Pxxxxx.

HOLLYWOOD has tried to warn earth for 70+ years of their evil of their masters..........Charleton Hestion exposed what today we know as VOLKSWAGEN SAUSAGE....

VOLKSWAGEN was not harmed in world war 1 and 2 by design----the soldiers only murdered the competition of the Pxxxx and Qxxxxx, same as The Emperor of Jxxxx murdered all his own people, so he could be the Supreme leader of earth and HE owns all of European and America GOLD BARS------he controls UNIT 731 and HE wants Russians dead. His obedient slaves all scream russa russia russia if they want to keep their jobs/$$$$$$

VOLKSWAGEN (city) slaves "ALL" eat Volkswagen sausage-------YOU TOO, if you live long enough, will live 24/7 on volkswagen sausage.....what CHUCK called SOYLENT GREEN.

SLAVES eat meat, they eat each other, they always have-----you can watch gov video of slaves eating each other-----HISTORY proves slaves eat their neighbors and when the neighbors are too far away, they simply eat each other...SOUTH AMERICA especially loved it when given swords and guns, they would have eaten each other until none were left-----THEY LOVE MEAT THAT MUCH......and 100% are slaves of the Pxxxx's, who take their orders from Jxxxxx

The Top American COP, Movie STAR, Steven S. spent time in Jxxxxx, then he either FLED to RUSSIA or he was sent as a spy for Jxxxxx.......he became a citizen of RUSSIA, so hopefully he escaped Jxxxxx------STEVEN S. fled from America and making his last stand in RUSSIA.

RUSSIA and the entire world is flooded with ALIENS---------but only Jxxxxx seems to work for the aliens in exchange for superior tech that has allowed them to kill over 2 billion people since world war 1. Unit 731 uses chemical/med death, they love to poison and chop up babies. Their zombie / alien 1/2 breeds can be seen on their news 24/7, screaming we demand that we can chop up our babies, openly showing signs that they eat babies, now openly calling their babies----SNACKS. Just as CHUCK tried to expose in his movies long ago----slaves love eating slaves.

The good doctors tried to show people that they were being injected with aliens and alien tech---------same as TOM C. tried to show the world that morgellon monsters are destroying the human race------not as GIANT MONSTERS, but as alien monsters injected into the slaves arms...and controlled via 5G like a hive of bees...........the crazies in the cities screaming we will kill our babies and we will eat our babies----they are alien slaves, controlled by silicon valley types....THEY ARE INSTALLING THOUSANDS OF CELL PHONE TOWERS COAST TO COAST to control each person------once all humans are dead and nothing left but ZOMBIES------ELIJAH will return and kill them all.

MEAT EATING humans can just as easily eat a car or an air plane---humans can eat anything.

Those today, living past 100 and can still walk and talk------100% of them all, have LESS WORMS.......THE BIBLE MONKS SPEAK OF WORMS, maybe what they called devils, were worms.......

HUMANS are LOADED with WORMS, hundreds of thousands of parasites per human.

FACT: The most evil people on earth that sold their souls for $$$ and obey the european Pxxxx, so they could be drs, lawyers, judges, politicians----they are all drunks by education------'they" over do the "Solution" and die from the booze........but those living past age 100+ and can walk and talk, they learned the secret to avoiding death via worms.

While the good doctors----they knew how to use simple herbs over 100 years ago and all the herbs in the Bible were anti-parasite.

TRUE MEDICINE was killing worms.......nothing more required.

It is so simple----but war since the mid 1800's is the number 1 reason for death......

ALIENS are inside most people today----they are not humans, they are just 2 legged people......ELIJAH 70 years ago proved the earth is full of 2 legged people possessed with demons-----alien demons from a place they call THE REGIONS.

Once all the real humans have been killed, L.A. will slide deep into the Pacific Ocean as the countries all split up and sink as new countries rise up, all fertile and ready to be planted....

EARTH is covered in PARANORMAL creatures............along with good and bad aliens.....humans are little more than livestock......and Jxxxxx and her sisters want RUSSIA destroyed, because RUSSIA removed Jxxx out of China and saved China 75 years ago.

A real human is surrounded by theory, very few real humans exist today---those born in hospitals since 1970; all have aliens inside them....UNIT 731 has owned the hospitals since 1950.

EAT MEAT, eat anything you like-----the secret is staying as worm free as you can.

If anyone likes living, they would smash their phone and computers......THE WAR is inside each human---fighting aliens and worms


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