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Re: Baby Formula by UserX ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   5/19/2022 11:52:26 AM ( 5 months ago ago)
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wild cat

Most people do not realize that pound for pound, their house cat is one of the most powerful creatures on earth that can rip your throat out....

A wild house cat, weighing maybe 5 pounds beat up my 70# large male Walker Coon hound that had extreme muscles and abilities---he could tear up 25 pound raccoons like rag dolls, he was not scared of mountain lions or bears..................but 1 common house cat, fought him for a year-----that cat would rip his chest wide open and make his face look like hamburger.............

then 1 day, a wild dog came around----took me a month to catch her and feed her enough that she hung around---------------the large coon hound and the wild dog, caught that cat in an open field.........i watched from the bedroom window 1 morning as that cat would jump 10 feet in the air and land on those dog's faces and shred them.......that fight went on for over 1/2 an hour and I thought the dogs were going to bleed to death.......the cat escaped

Then a month later, they caught that cat in a brush pile and they fought for what seemed like all day----------I NEVER EVER seen the cat again and I never seen the body, so odds are it had enough and it left...........that coon dog in his spare time, would sneak off and kill coyotes and drag them back home and put on my door day, he made a low growling noise and walked will sneaky up the hill and stood slumped on the ground............very strange and in the middle of the day.....I then heard donkeys about a mile away making fearful noises----so I walked up the hill and stood beside the dog and watched a solid black panther walking through a soybean field towards the neighbor's donkeys..............that old coon dog, understood, you don't go pick a fight with a large black cat 4x your weight in the middle of an open field...but when he was younger and less wise, he would chase mountain lions all night long.......a common mountain lion when cornered, can shred 1/2 a dozen dogs to death and not unusual for guys to take a large pack of dogs on a mountain lion hunt............William Branham liked to shoot Mountain Lions and believed he could send the demons from people into that Mountain Lion just prior to pulling the trigger as a method to save the human's life from such things as heart attacks, etc......he believed every sickness / disease was a result of demon possession......shooting mountain lions is not an easy hunt, but wild pigs are far more plentiful and he did the same with wild hogs---with the belief he could send thousands of demons into the hog and then kill it to release them................that seems to be the "thing" with demons, you never see a religion that says they can kill the creatures----but since the demons are all about "death", if they are given a body to experience the death of----they cna be sent out of the human into the animal----the foundation of biblical animal sacrifice..


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