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Re: Potassium Citrate and Blood Pressure by #69242 ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   7/3/2022 1:04:49 PM ( 6 months ago ago)
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The very first herb I payed with was the black walnut---not knowing what I was doing, I burnt my self badly.....years later that tree changed my life, saved my life in so many different ways...........

BODY BALANCE is what longevity is all about and also the mystery of man kind.

too much of anything ens up being bad---not enough of this and that and life fades away.

In march, I spread some grass seed on an old hay field and mixed it with 75% magnesium........I made rows on purpose. TODAY, those rows are BRIGHT GREEN and the hay twice as high as the rest of the field.......

this field is 25 years "ORGANIC", nothing but cow poop. I remove 2 cutting of hay and leave the third to grow and then come winter I put cows on it and they poop the same hay back on that field, with hay/poop from other fields----this field is 25 years of COW POOP---aka natural fertilizer.

ONE MAY THINK that animal poop is fertilizer---but in reality WE NEED THE OCEAN.


ALL COUNTRIES / ISLANDS must be destroyed and sink below the oceans and let FISH POOP and DIE and build up LIME LAYERS and then RISE UP and out of the OCEANS once again.

Below my feet are hundreds of feet of layers of ocean lime and layers of you know what all well drillers call asteroids when their drill bits hit them?

THE OCEAN and all life are CONNECTED

Humans can not live on planets that have no oceans-----PERIOD

"IF" I paid to have lime spread on my field, I am sure it would look much much better----but I have lost $$ for 25 years on every cow I ever raised---you can not get 1/2 the cost of raising a beef cow.....impossible to break even and spreading fertilizer/minerals is just throwing more $$ away.

"IF" humans treated their children like farmers treat livestock---the kids would grow up super humans..... if the farmer does not supply the minerals---his livestock becomes sterile and fades away..

EVERYTHING ends up in the oceans............TREES "create" amazing things, that eventually all feed to the ocean...... OUR SUN feeds earth 24/7 since the day the earth was created---the dust from the sun---flows down and feeds all life on earth.........people worshiped the sun and called the food--MANNA.

THE OCEANS do not create potassium and the potassium / magnesium balance is the key yo longevity---same as the Calcium / magnesium balance is..

BALANCE and keep the worms killed--that equals living well

EATING is said to be an effort to maintain balance...........

eat 1 thing and then eat another to balance it---becomes a roller coaster ride of up and down

"IF" I lived near an ocean, I would pump ocean water on all my land every year............

The 1957 Co-Q10 scientist got it right, but their greed got in the way............a little of EVERYTHING GOOD and believe in your blood / brain to pick and sort through it all........that is the truest fountain of life-----I call it Maximum Restore and it can be added to as desired.

CONCENTRATED PASTE formulas were the PREMIUM............the end of the trail, something that would do all that herbs could do for humans---but the interest did not exist, humans would not try it or stay with it----so today it is Obsolete....

LIQUIDS SALE, what sales survives.........EVERYTHING must sale its self. Word of mouth the only way....for the simple fact at any given time, about the maximum number of people can be about 500-1,000, otherwise it would BE A JOB and I have worked enough and don't need a JOB for ever.

MAXIMUM RESTORE ADULT can have anything "herbal" added---the combinations are literally "endless". NO ONE could ever figure out how to make it---actually, it could never ever be made the same---twice. It can only be made better each time.......the same applies to P/W A, same theory, only MAX RESTORE starts as P/W and then is 80% "more".

In other countries----16oz bottles sale for $150+, in America people can buy 3 bottles

Old Order Amish raise their children on THE ADULT Formulas---they always want the strongest.....

Dr. John R. Christopher believed every herb has at least 1,000+ qualities that white coats can never figure out.

Take 100 of the best herbs, blend them all together and you have the makings of a true Co-Q10

IF YOU HAVE NO FAITH------just ad more Q10 to any herbal formula. The Chinese make Co-Q10, they easily seen they could make it better and call that Q10. They said the world had no interest, because Q10 cost more to make---so the elite in China take Q10 powder.

Q10 powder can be made as a tincture or an oil extract and added to any liquid formula....

The Chinese grow 70+ tree / vine fruits and freeze dry the juice. This freeze dried juice is sold commercially world wide as FOOD FLAVORINGS...manufacturers take crap and ad some fruit juice powder and then sell to humans as junk foods.

"IF" all 70+ freeze dried fruit juice powders were blended into 1 formula and then added to Max Restore and you lived close to an ocean so you could bathe regularly------THEN you would be well supplemented.

THAT SAID-----guys 20 years ago ignored my suggestion of taking 1 dropper of walnut daily and instead took 1 teaspoon and several said----WOW, my heart issues faded away.

HERBAL HISTORY is all about single herbs for this and that---the TRUE FOUNDATION of MEDICINE........ Medicine is herbs and the other stuff is just poisons..the colleges high jacked human health as a method to depopulate the world.

Herbal Medicines work---Dr. Christopher and his teachers proved it--------same as Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. proved orange juice fasting cures most everything......

"IF" they only understood what the 1957 co-q10 scientist learned..and then understood MERMAIDS and earth history and most of all-----WHY SOUTH AMERICA is where you want your food coming from.....

literally the south americans have been high jacked by the chinese/japanese who soon will own it all and will dig up trillions of buried gold---today, Japan knows the exact location of millions of pieces of buried gold in South America----the land of paradise.All they had to do is remove the people---herd them all up and ship them north for disposal.


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