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Re: What are these? Similar case / bit more information by GGGGG ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/10/2022 9:33:27 PM ( 4 months ago ago)
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I have the same things!! I believe they are coming out of skin at spots of lymph nodes.. But Lymphs pick up from everywhere, I think, so the origin bodypart still remains a mystery. I've also noticed that they tend to "transform" into whatever substance being used to massage them out at that time~~ Weird! Then again, isn't that what parasites DO?!? They take what YOU Give them, THAT'S How they function to live. Mine are so old there are a TON similar to the one black critter in your photo; with the little antennae. Though these "unknowns" do range in shade colors from white to cream, to reddish-brown, to darker browns, and then (I assume) to black. Also some deviations in general shape that makes me wonder if it's just different life stages, or different species. I Swear, I started SERIOUSLY parasite Cleansing & Detoxing This April. It's now August, and I have tried Best I Know How To WAGE WAR ON ANY ,ALL , & EVERY PARASITIC THUG That Just Set Up Shop Uninvited!!!! Basically, except for the short breaks b/t medicinal regiments, It's Been A Non-Stop Campaign; And, So Far, It Seems I Have Witnessed The Deaths & Exiles Of Just @ EVERY parasite IN THE BOOK **AND THEN SOME**!!! And It 'Feels' Just Like Wayyyy Too Many Of these nuisances are STILL UNKNOWN SPECIES-UNKNOWN ANYTHING...?! **EXCEPT**for the other self-aware , good folks **HERE**on health quests~~ 《THANK YOU, CUREZONE!!!!》Another point I know to agree on is that *it Seems* that they replenish as fast as you can release them.... Like, I've actually got a spot on my face; almost mid-left cheek + then center trine of cheek-nose-lips. My instinct tells Me lymph is pulling it from somewhere? But I have a fear that it Could be drai ing from My Brain.! MAY WISDOM GUIDE US ALL<><><><>

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