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Date:   12/4/2022 2:17:58 PM ( 3 months ago ago)
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20 years ago I offered to send a file by e-mail of The Dr. Hay Book----a 80+ year old book---to a fellow in CHINA.....he said---PLEASE---"NO"

why? because such things can be a literal death sentence. In no time at all, he was fired from his job and he called me to say he was sorry and that was the last time I ever heard from him.

In CHINA the cell phone owns the people literally---you can not walk anywhere with out your phone's permission and if you dared try to walk past a check point --your phone would rat you out and you would be done---JUST having a picture or a text on your phone of the protesters in China or any asian country---can be an instant death sentence...the phone---OWNS every person.

China ended poverty by entering every mountain side, every valley, every desert and forcing every native of the largest country on earth to ___WORK and work they must...the socialist / communist // Marxist gov built them GREEN HOUSES or PONDS or FIELDS and those MILLIONS of poor people now work 14-18 hours a day till they die---so they can have $$$$$$---yet for thousands of YEARS they did fine with ZERO $$$$$$

Socialism is 100% slavery and that is what every college on earth has a goal of..

They control by killing 5% every year to keep the 95% in fear---they only exist by way of gov cops---only thanks to the CELL PHONE, the hundreds of millions are starting to understand they out number the thousands of cops in china---so the military always enables the dictators---the uniformed are the slave controllers...they always have been.

To have no phone in China would be a death sentence...

6G and monthly vaccines and even with alien aid---the uniformed are having trouble keeping the 5% killed......yet, the .9 billion in China that OBEY and LOVE their master--they now get vacations, go hiking, bike riding, have new cars and the ONLY PEOPLE ON EARTH that are buying GOLD BARS and giving each other as GIFTS..

because the .9 BILLION are brain washed and loving the 100% control of their life---they will kill 1 billion of their brother and sisters to keep the Gold Bars coming.

THE CELL PHONE has changed earth---if the internet and cell phone were not corrupt, there would be no cops, no government and people living 150+ years old---because the good people would kill the bad people instantly and then only raise good people-----------people with no cops, do not tolerate criminals....they chase off evil people or feed them to the fishes.


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