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Re: I resolved my overgrowth of systemic candida within the body using turpentine in just 3 weeks by #69242 ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   1/29/2023 11:19:56 PM ( 8 months ago ago)
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100% of all commercial turpentine is poisoned and only sold as paint thinner and never ever for human consumption.

Only family owned companies that advertises their pine tree essential oil is what people long ago called----turpentine.

ALL they do is collect the sap from the pine tree and sale that to companies that make endless glue products.

THEY them selves steam distill that sap and end up with essential oil of pine--or what people use to call turpentine

NEVER EVER buy from a commercial store---that is poisoned and has been for a very very long time.

REAL TURPENTINE is an essential oil that is as clear as water and potent like all essential oils are.

old timers put a drop on a sugar cube and gave to their sick children.

REAL TRUE MADE safe essential oils can all be taken that method "IF" you like tasting the herb.

Grain alcohol cost about $4 a gallon to make and sales in liquor stores for about $60 a gallon, most of which is state tax.

You can buy that grain alcohol on amazon for 1/2 that price for cleaning your floors----sterilization, but it has a poison added so people can not drink it. Turpentine is the same type gov controlled product.


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