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Meat eaters by #69242 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   3/20/2023 3:04:16 PM ( 7 months ago ago)
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Humans have ate meat for EVER, like many species they EAT the SMALLER PEOPLE

Human history explains that evil parents sold their babies for salt, etc.


PEOPLE are MEAT EATERS, they prefer to eat their own when they have ate all their neighbors.......

The Hawaiians of today---they gladly explains that they came to the islands because they were HUNGRY for humans and show that they ATE 100% of the natives.


People eat dogs, cats, EVERYTHING and they love eating people the most.

COMMERCIAL FOODS probably have more human tissues in them than people could imagine-----hollywood tries to warn the world how evil the organized really are.

The you have JESUS and oh how the meat eaters HATE JESUS

There have been those that eat humans and those that do not eat humans on earth.

ALL ALIENS, all of them......every different race came from a different planet and established on earth and warned to stay away from anyone that does not look like you or talk like you---because the strangers will KILL and EAT you and take your land........

ALL human history his about eating your fellow humans--aka THE MEAT EATERS

The Roman Empire was their own race from God knows what planet and they came to earth to KILL the people eaters and they entered each country and killed the adults and left nuns and priest to raise the babies as NONE PEOPLE EATERS----they failed, try as they might, the people returned to eating each other---by 1960 the popes made it law that NO MORE PEOPLE EATING and they video taped the last legal eating of your dad---mom and the kids and their neighbors beat the man head in and they pulled him apart and his wife and children and friends ate him----then the catholics told them ---NO MORE, it is against the law-----that law was broke the next day and today you can still by baby soup and human steaks in many of those countries.....and people still eating the hearts of children they just killed, with the belief it gives them more demonic power.

SO the curezone "people" are correct, they love their MEAT. Some like raw meat, most like it cooked and the very strange creatures---those ghouls want their MEAT ROTTED and full of maggots---stay away from those suckers or they might use a rock and hit you in the head and let you rot before they eat you.

All the meat eaters in earth history "all" hated JESUS---they could not stand him. EVEN THOUGH he had no problem with eating FISH.

STRANGELY ENOUGH today when most all elderly people are ate up from a lifetime of meat eating and their guts rotted and their colon breaks open and the SURGEONS try to cut out the rotted gut and attach a bag for 3 months---their GOLDEN RULE is ZERO MEAT if you want to LIVE and if you must eat meat---only eat FISH.

100$ of all doctors I have met of heard stories about from those seeking cancer TREATMENTS----they say "IF" you want to LIVE, survive that CANCER, you must STOP ALL MEAT EATING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and if you must---eat a little FISH for your meat.

MEAT eaters can lie all they like----but that is what their DOCTORS SAY......if you want to avoid or stop dying from PROSTRATE CANCER, etc, YOU MUST STOP ALL consumption of MEATS.......I have heard this for the past 30 years.

Dr. Paul Hooley, M.D. delivered around 30,000 babies---he and his wife were "THIN", they understood that MEAT ends in CANCERS. He wrote a book in the mid 1960's explaining how birth control drugs KILLS the 1 day old baby and every human female that takes that poison---will have a issue with GOD when they die----

PAUL and his WIFE were about as evil as evil came and their children just as evil----but when it came to telling people how to survive CANCERS, it was the same as Dr. John R. Christopher and thousands of others doctors----STOP THE MEAT.

Dr. Christopher would be asked to come to the home and save the person's life-----HE HAD ONE RULE---I will come, "IF" you remove all meat from the house and bury it in the dirt where it belongs.

Dr. Howard Hays and Jackson, both medial doctors/surgeons was NORTH AMERICA' BEST and they both learned the hard way that BOOZE and MEAT ends in disease/death to the heart, kidneys/lungs etc..........and both saved their lives with oranges.

The best woman author from several hundred years ago that learned how to "travel" --she wrote no one has a chance as long as they have rotting meat inside their bodies----demons love the death inside and no chance of removing those demons as long as you are feeding them rotting animals/death. Pastors all over europe took her advice and she loved INDIA and INDIA loved her......

MEAT or NO MEAT------ NO ONE CARES what others do.

IT is this simple---if a human is still healthy enough, he/she can eat raw/cooked or rotted meat all they want, have all the worms they can handle....BILLIONS DO and it makes no difference if they are eating dogs, cats, cows or humans.....

MANY MILLIONS of people have only ever eaten their neighbors------they lived just fine BECAUSE THEY KNEW NO DIFFERENCE, because they follow their parents.

TODAY millions have no parents----THEY FOLLOW THE INTERNET.......................

100% of all these people have 1 thing in common----NOT A SINGLE ONE of them can eat meat as their method to BEAT CANCER....not a one and they all know that.

Not one human on earth can digest meat----sorry, lie as much as they want--not one human has ever digested an animal.

HUMANS love meat because they burn up their own red blood cells while meat is in their bellies and why do these meat eaters love this? VERY SIMPLE they are EATING THEM SELVES.

MEDICAL learned this over 70 years ago------meat eaters get HIGH of of their own red blood cells..............THE DEAD ANIMAL in their belly is just their path to eating them selves.

WHY did harvard/yale/rockefeller all agree with Dr. Hay by 1950 that ORANGE JUICE was THE CURE-----simple, they all proved that 14 days of fasting correctly on orange juice ends in 5x more RED BLOOD CELLS

ONCE the ill person has restored their red blood cells, then back to meat eating they return and get HIGH off the death of their own red blood cells.

ALL these people reach a point when their GUTS ROT from acids and worms from eating their dead animals that rots and sticks inside their lymph gland for several YEARS.

WHO CARES??? NO ONE, why should anyone care how each person chooses to end their life.......NO ONE SHOULD and all the good doctors try to ignore their deaths---but THE ROTTING GUT DOCTORS still to this day---tell that near dead old person that "IF" they want to live long enough to get that poop bag removed from their gut----STOP the meat.


Eat all the meat you think you need, just EXPEL that ROTTED CRAP within 12 hours and that is EASILY ACHIEVED CORRECTLY with herbs dating back 130 years.....

The herbal doctors came to the RESCUE

This does not UNDO the results of eating dead animals/fish/birds/reptiles etc. on the SPIRITUAL FIELD---but at least your guts will last longer.

NO ONE CARES how an adult kills them selves---but once the internet was created----really bad adults try their best to "TRICK" children and young people to harm their bodies and that is where the SPIRITUAL problems multiple..............EVERY LIE, every bad act, EVERY THING adults have ever done that harms children will all come back to HAUNT YOU really badly...........100% of your entire life is 100% recorded and when you die---you can not lie anymore and that is when it all hits the fan...........

THOSE that say they did not know?????? verses those that did KNOW is all "JUDGED" at the end.

MEAT EATERS, dope smokers, drug seekers, vaccine doers, BOOZERS and the suicidal are all welcome on earth to kill them selves anyway they like----NO ONE CARES as long as "you" do not seek to change people's minds to try things that are going to harm their children's health.......... HARM a CHILD and after you die---ya better have an excuse that you can not lie your way out of.

I HAVE NEVER EVER MET 1 healthy human..........medical believed as far back as 200 years, none exist in modern times----BUT when Dr. Hay wrote his book, the best health book ever written---at that time, he says that the ENGLISH ARMY for 11 years had been living with people that the MALES NEVER DIE and at age 250 they look like their 22 year old sons and they kill them selves at age 250 by jumping off a mountain---that the women due to child giving, die at age 175 on average.

THESE PEOPLE NEVER WORK, they were never made slaves of......they live on the fruits of their trees.....NO WORK, ALL FUN and SEX...aka FREEDOM as GOD example to earth.

Dr. Morton Walker and his wife not long ago went to see these people and blood tested them and proved they have ZERO LEAD (never drank city water, never worked in factories)
HE CONCLUDED they do not die because they are METAL FREE PEOPLE

I have never ever known 1 metal free human.

COMMERCIAL PEOPLE are loaded with METAL, the air force sprays us all with Aluminum and Titanium dioxide wishing to have us all dead by age 40....fortified food are loaded with etal---drugs and vitamins are metal products.

EAT ALL THE MEAT you want---raw, cooked, rotted---NO ONE CARES and those in charge want you dead by age 40, if they succeed you should be able to eat everything before the foods kill you---because METALS kill you faster.

Those that live 90+, you can eat meats too---if you followed the herbal advice of Dr. John R. Christopher...HIS defective heart that put him in an orphanage as a baby eventually ended his life------just because a person dies does not prove his advice was wrong.

THOSE that OBEY GOD are the only correct people on this planet and NOT ONE DOES in the modern world...not one.

NO MEAT EATER can explain or understand how humans can grow new organs once they stop the meat and drink orange juice and WHO CARES---no one does..

MEAT eaters are as fake as all the rest---find just 1 that is a real meat eater...I have seen 1 and he did not live very long and looked like a balloon.

REAL MEAT EATERS do not cook, do not season, they EAT RAW and they will eat the GUTS and ORGANS and avoid the muscle/meat.......and i have never ever known 1 of them-----those that cook and only eat the meat----they are not carnivora at all---they were trained to eat meat..

I have known ALLOT of real carnivores-------they are chickens, big birds, dogs, cats, coyotes, GUT / ORGAN EATERS......and gov documentaries have shown that PEOPLE EATERS are CARNIVORS---so I have sene them on video.

A TRUE HUMAN CARNIVORE eats the monkey RAW, they dig into the belly and pull out the guts and eat the guts------they only eat the meat if they don't have enough guts to satisfy.

They love raw brains fresh out of the head.

GOV documentary shows the kids rip open the belly of their dad and eat his guts----because that is how PEOPLE EATERS ARE RAISED...

Sophisticated (tricked_ people eaters) they cook and season their meats and since commercial cookie manufactures 40 years ago were using dogs and cats for their "protein" and they use powdered wood for their flour you can bet your _______ most people have eaten dogs, cats, horses truly evil governments surely put humans in the meat source-----WATCH the Volkswagen own 2 hour documentary how Volkswagen planned on controlling the sales of all cars on earth and explain this:

VOLKSWAGEN trained their zombies to live on 3 meals of Volkswagen sausage-------HOW? The only possible way that sausage is human meat---human meat is the only thing that could satisfy ----meat eaters to eat nothing else.


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