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*Ultimate Cleanse*(BP shakes) by Rebeckah ..... Master Cleanse & Fasting FAQ

Date:   11/25/2004 3:50:00 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I posted this on another forum, but since so many people lately seem to be enthusiastic about doing the *Ultimate* Fast, {which is doing Psyllium & Bentonite shakes while on the Master Cleanse}I thought I'd post it here to. Hope it helps someone. :)

The Master Cleanse is remarkable on its own at detoxifying and cleansing your body. P&B shakes are also good at what they do, but they are also very dehydrating & binding to begin with.

I think doing the shakes while on a restricted calorie/nutrient program is asking for trouble. The P&B shake will bind up your calories and nutrients and you may end up not getting your calories, nutrients, enzymes, whatever for the day, unbalancing your body and making yourself sick.. malnutrituos. The only thing your *feeding* your body is the lemonade & the P&B are gonna soak all that up as soon as it gets into you. Then you really will be *starving*, messing up your metabolism & putting the body into starve mode instead of the fasting/healing mode.

Also, many have probs properly eliminating on the MC because they are DEHYDRATED. While logic may say *doing a P&B will unblock me* it will only make things WORSE because the constipation comes from dehydration and lack of bulk{food}. The P&B further dehydrate you. While you can drink more water, how much is enough to avert trouble?

Also, the MC is a super CLEANSE. It's purpose is to detox the body & that can be stressful enough on it's own. Adding a super-detoxing element like bentonite may exacerbate your detoxification, making you very ill. Depends on how toxic you are to begin with, of course.

More is not always better. Some things, like the Master Cleanse is an outstanding program purely on it's own, nothing needs to be added to it. Try it and you will see. Day 7-9 is the super detoxing time. If you're not feeling *bad* enough then, then add stuff until you feel bad if that's your goal. ;) I'm sure it's not tho. :))))

I understand everyone will do what they want in the end. & you may do the P&B shakes anyway and have no problems. I guess some already have. There are many guidelines about drinking tons of water while doing the P&B shakes, and that must be followed just to be safe. Remember dehydration is the big problem with both the P&B and the MC. How much water is enough for your body? I don't know. But don't find out the hard way that you haven't had enough. There is a formula for it somewhere... like one ounce for every pound of your body weight...?

It unfortunate when people hurt themselves or make things harder when they're trying to help their health. Both the MC & the shakes can be very beneficial, but do them at the right times following their guidelines to get the MOST out of each protocol. There is more than one report of people who have mixed liver flushes and P&B shakes while doing the MC and they have gotten very ill. Their experiences were just posted here in the MC forum. While you're not them, do you really want to risk it? If it ain't broke....... :)
~All the best


Below is from Curezone poster "barsoap"

ended a 10 day MC on 12/21 and on Christmas ate very very light. Actually had no appetite but had some collard greens and cabbage.

On 12/26 I had a colonic, and a great one at that, however, to my surprise I still had P&B in my system coming out that had formed from day 2 of my cleanse. Mind you I stopped taking the shake with the MC upon recommendation from some members. And like I said above was surprise that it was still in my system. Lucky for me though my good BM's while doing the MC from day 7 until the colonic was releasing the P&B.

The Therepist informed me that when doing P or B, one needs to either have a colonic within 1 hour to release the bulk, or have several enemas. Otherwise blockage will result(which is what happened to me after day 2, I had no movements until day 4). In her words, using P&B to detox is a very serious thing not to be messed with while on a fast.

For those of you that have or are using it with success, good for you. For those not taking it but considering doing so with the MC, I just wanted to share my experience and recommend as others have to me that you do the MC without the P&B shake


Below is from longtime Curezone poster "Hopingso"

The original Master Cleanse did not make any provision for the P&B shakes. Many purists believe it is best to not put any kind of solid into the system while doing the MC. This is a form of fasting, and fasting needs to be liquids only to be the most effective in deep cleansing. Remember that The Master Cleanse is more than a Colon Cleanse ,(in fact I believe that far too much stress is put on keeping the colon flushing out with irritating substances) done correctly the MC cleanses the entire body. The digestive system is effectively shut down, except for the colon flushing, and the energy generally required for digestion is diverted to healing the body. The liver, kidneys and skin must process the released toxins at first and might seem stressed; but as the cleanse goes on, and as the body grows cleaner these vital organs will begin to recover from the stress of overwork and begin to work better and more efficiently. The skin will begin to glow, veins and arteries will be cleaned out, decades of accumulated mineral deposits will be flushed out of stiff joints. A fasting cleanse is a near miracle in healing the body. However, it is important to remember that one cleanse will rarely be enough and for the majority of people it is much better to begin with a series of short 10 days cleanses than one very long one. The key is to spend the time between cleanses rebuilding the body with healthy nutrient dense foods.

For those who chose to add the P&B shakes, the Master Cleanse basically becomes a colon cleanse. While most of the fiber in psyllium is non-soluble, there is enough soluble fiber to activate the digestive system and energy is once again diverted to the cause of digestion. The soluble fiber is important and can aid in clearing clogged arteries, but that is done at the price of effectively ending the deep cleansing action of a true fast. The bentonite clay must be used carefully, some people actually can wind up in worse shape because too much bentonite can be very constipating. A tablespoon or two of the liquid bentonite a day is enough to attract and adsorb toxins in the gut.


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