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Liver Flush During the MC by hopinso ..... Master Cleanse & Fasting FAQ

Date:   11/23/2004 10:18:00 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I have to respectively disagree with the advice to do a Liver Flush during fasting of any kind. It is true that fasting, or even an ultra low fat diet will increase the chance of liver stones being produced. When there is no fat in the diet the production and release of bile is greatly reduced. The bile that remains in the liver and gallbladder can continue to condense and trap toxins. In time it will form stones than can lead to a badly congested liver and severe digestive problems. However, fasts need to be broken with no fat and the fat intake gradually increased after a few days. I am afraid doing a Liver Flush after a long fast without slowly reintroducing fats into the diet, or during an extended fast can make a person extremely ill. I have done several Liver Flushes after ten day MCs with excellent results, although I did break the fast with apple juice for three days to soften stones and gently restart the digestive system. I still find three days of fasting with apple juice and Master Cleanse drink a good prelude to a successful flush.

I would suggest that anyone who plans on doing The Master Cleanse or any other fast for longer than two weeks include a Liver Flush as part of their fast preparation. People who have symptoms of gall bladder disease may need to do more than one. Then, after the fast, begin adding one tablespoon of olive oil to their diet after the third day of breaking the fast. This will stimulate the liver and gallbladder into producing and releasing bile. After a week of doing this, and perhaps adding even more healthy fats to the diet, a liver flush could be done with more ease and effectiveness.

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