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Re: trying to understand by #43216 ..... Evolution & Creationism Debate

Date:   3/6/2006 9:17:35 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Apparently you didn't actually read the posts of mine that you responded to...

Evolution is not mutually exclusive with creationism (when I speak of creationism I refer to the idea of "God" creating the whole universe ... not the Adam & Eve thing).

"Evolution" is all around you. What is evolution really? It is growth, expansion, adaptation. You go through many stages of evolution in your own lifetime! The evolution we usually talk about, is no different than your own personal stages of life, except on a larger, "collective" scale that takes longer to manifest more dramatic changes.

Individuals evolve within their own lifetime. A step up from that is families and close-knit groups. They evolve also. They take on new identities, new ways of interacting with others, new ideas of who they are. Of course, this doesn't usually cause PHYSICAL change to the basic structure of the body, as that takes much longer to affect, but other changes are there. A step up from family / close groups, is the local culture. That too evolves over time. Now as we get into seperate cultures, "evolutionary" changes become more obviously evident, as we see that people all over the world have slightly differently modified bodies due to the environment that their culture comes from. The lifespan of a culture is much longer than that of an individual, so these "evolutionary" changes become more apparent, as they've had a much longer amount of time to manifest.

Expand your view to the level of the entire species, and compare with other species, and differences are blatantly obvious. This is because SPECIES have had quite a lot of time to change and adapt -- and remember, these changes are not only a reflection of environmental and social factors, but also a reflection of CONSCIOUSNESS. As consciousness moves through various stages of awareness and self-identity, it moves through increasingly complex and "capable" forms that it identifies with, just as an individual "evolves" through many different identities in his own life ("I was a police man, now I'm a doctor. I was a Christian, now I'm a Hindu.")

And yet, even with blatantly obvious differences among species, there are also many species that share a great deal of similarities. Ponies and horses. Ducks and geese. Humans and monkeys. From the largest alligator to the tiniest lizard. These similar species can be grouped and assumed to be related, just as Blacks and Whites, Asians and Indians are all HUMAN, so too Humans and Primates also fall into an even larger grouping. And so on and so on.

Evolution is a very real process. But, back to my main point, how does this conflict with being divinely created?

What do you think set the entire process into motion?

There is intelligent "design" (or maybe a better word would be "guidance") underneath the process of evolution. A primal intelligence that "fuels" the whole process. There is an intelligence behind the enormous complexity of our own bodies, and all other bodies in the universe, from the most basic to the most complex. Things didn't just come together "by chance", but by the guiding force of this primal intelligence. But at the same time, these complex forms weren't just zapped into existence by some God sitting "upstairs" somewhere who drew out a blueprint and said "This I shall call a Human. Allakhazam, let there be man!". This is certainly POSSIBLE, as it is "His" dream, but it does go against the whole idea of "free will". Where is the freedom in being forced into a human body? "Free will" also includes the freedom for consciousness (which is the "son of God") to manifest in whatever form it desires! The human form is just the form that our collective consciousness has arrived at so far, after passing through many "inferior" states. And there are still more advanced forms to come (although we are near the peak of the possibility of PHYSICAL form, there is a whole realm of astral form on "the next level" to progress through). Even if the human species destroys itself, the underlying "primal consciousness" will retain its "imprints" that it created for itself, and will continue to manifest in similar ways, even if it happens to be in a whole other corner of the universe, or even a slightly different level of dimension.

Again I ask, what is it that you think maintains this entire process of evolution ... of change, growth, expansion, increasing complexity? What is this underlying intelligence? What is it that allows you to be CONSCIOUS and AWARE right now?

And how is the answer to those questions contradictory to evolution?

First comes the beginning (of creation). Then comes evolution and the "preservation" of creation. Then comes the dissolution.

This is the triad of the manifested "dream". The SOURCE of the "dream" is unmanifest, yet with you at all times. An inherent part of your entire being that is impossible to negate, and yet at the same time it is the ultimate "negation" (don't you love paradoxes?). It can be discovered by all beings, if only they care to look for it. And when you discover it, or even catch a tiny glimpse, then the answers to all these questions start to become apparent.

But as long as you ask the questions "out there" in the external world, you'll never find the answer. The answer, to the mystery of life, creation, and your entire being, can only come from within.



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