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Re: Flying Spaghetti Monster by PuddingTime ..... Evolution & Creationism Debate

Date:   3/21/2006 9:35:38 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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>>yea that's real cute and all...but back to real life, would you care to propose 1 thing that disproves that an almighty God created this world?>>

Why must we come back to this every time. I can't disprove it and you can't prove it. Please come up with a question we can debate instead of this cat and mouse bull. Or better yet prove that evolution did not happen.

>>Also I would like for you to share one piece of proof that evolution is true and real. ie...transitional fossils (Darwin said there would be millions of them)>>

Weeee here we go some more. Evolution is a THEORY. It is our best guess as to what happened based on the facts available at this time. Darwinism is really not that old and evolution is still evolving (pun intended).

>>Show me how something as random and as "designlessness" as evolution could create a human being who is the epitome of thought and design>>

Epitome of thought and design?!?!?! Wow... look around dude something is malfunctioning.... War, greed, poverty, starvation, pollution, genocide, and that is just the US of A.

>>Tell me why, if humans were an accident and have no real purpose why almost every human in the history of the world has searched for purpose.>>

IF god transcends time and space why would he create a world, put some measly (by comparison to this almighty god) humans, make them suffer, send a son, make him suffer, keep on with the suffering for the next 2000 years plus, not accept us into "heaven" until we repent and if not staight to "hell" for you guessed it more suffering. And for what... 1 billion souls out of the 10 billion that have existed on earth? What is the point. Sounds like a lot of suffering for so little worship.
It sounds like your god is an egomaniacal butt hole to me. Back to your question... just because humans have evolved to the point where we can ask "why do we exist?" does not mean there has to be an answer.


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