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Re: other causes of puffy, swollen red eyes. by #1727 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   11/14/2004 10:38:02 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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hello jhan, it's been a while.

my puffy eyes go away almost completely after a Liver Flush , or when i have candida under control. candida is such a toxic overload on the body that the liver cannot keep up and gets backed up completely.

and yes this means even in the morning they look just as good. there's no difference between morning, day or night. i look so much more healthy. my eyes used to be so swollen that they would start to hang over and form wrinkles. wrinkles underneath the eyes, around the eyes. huge bags. they would swell top and bottom, and of course my eyes themselves were swollen as well and red. they would also get purple the more my liver was backed up. extreme toxicity.

many times when the liver is backed up the kidneys are backed up, hence puffy red eyes... frequent urination at night etc.

i've kidney cleansed for weeks and it did nothing, however liver flushing, and candida balance fix the problem. if i just tried kidney cleanse and extra water while the liver was backed up i would just pee all night long, it did not matter how much i drank for how long, it wasn't about hydration. i would have to get up 6 times during the night if i did that.

this only further proves that both the liver and kidneys need to be operating correctly for puffy irritated eyes to improve.

so after some time and many Liver Flushes (38 now), i've discovered that most of my liver and kidney symptoms were actually caused by a raging candida infection which started almost 10 years ago, slowly getting worse as time passed on. candida toxins overloaded the liver, which backed up the kidneys which cause symptoms of kidney problems.

when candida my is under control, puffy eyes are almost completely gone, eyes no longer red or swollen, no more purple under the eyes, wake up feeling/looking refreshed, less or no urination at night.

remember to ALWAYS take your probiotics after liver flushing, at least at a maintenance level for weeks afterwards, and/or real live KEFIR. or just always take probiotics/kefir, even better. i never used to take them and it caused candida to get totally out of control as a result.



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