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Re: other causes of puffy, swollen red eyes. by #1727 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   11/14/2004 11:08:28 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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sorry, this answer was way longer than planned, but just want to be clear.

firstly, parasite cleansing and bowel cleansing is essential to curing candida. everyone needs to complete these steps whether they think they have parasites or toxic intestines. symptoms will come back if we don't fix these problems FIRST. you can cleanse intestines while doing a parasite cleanse and or antifungals. also Liver Flushing every two weeks to a month, is highly recommended. get rid of those stones.

antifungals are absolutely essential for me, and probably most everyone. some people claim that "oh all you have to do is recolonize and the good microbes will take over and rebalance"... etc. for some people that may be true, however i've learned it's not normally that easy. from what i've read we need to stay on antifungals until ALL of candida symptoms are gone. then remain on antifungals and slowly start adding back foods. when you can eat a normal diet while on antifungals symptom free then you can try reducing the antifungals and see if you remain symptom free. if symtpoms start to return then you need to keep rotating antifungals and work up to even high doses until it is eventually gone. however it's probably not always that difficult either. but most of us probably don't want to get sick again. one thing i've learned, when you get it under control, don't slack off, it will come back with a vengeance.

they do say that when we are done with candida, we can take antifungals even in the highest amounts and have no adverse reactions whatsoever. so that would be a pretty good indicator of when it's under control. however i cannot personally attest to that... yet.

i tried just recolonizing with kefir and every kind of probiotic you can imagine. primal defense, threelac, everything! did NOT work. the only thing that did work was threelac in very high amounts(5 to 6 packets a day), it was truly amazing and it did get candida under control. however when i went back down to 2 or 3 packets per day everything came back, and took a LONG time to get it under control again with antifungals, diet and probiotics. threelac can work yeah, but it is rarely the total cure. total cure meaning one could actually stop taking it and be done with candida altogether.

i also tried regular probiotics, including primal defense at 10 to 12 per day, without antifungal treatment. i just continued to get more sick, even in conjunction with the candida diet as well.

i've read and do think it's true that when we are really overloaded with candida, the candida will just kill off probiotics as we add them if we don't take antifungals as well. some say not to even bother taking probiotics until after 6 weeks of antifungal treatment. however, i found progress was always the absolute best while taking antifungals and a maintenance dosage of primal defense in the middle of the day away from antifungals. also kefir helps as well. i am by no means cured, but do know how to get it under control. i plan on staying on antifungals for 3 months even if symptoms are gone much sooner. i am also doing another week to week and a half of parasite cleansing as well, just to be certain.

just remember that even with all of this effort it doesn't mean we're suffering through this the whole time. damn even after the first week or two, i started feeling so much better that i became obsessed with my candida regimen! how could i live without energy, and feel and look like crap ever again? no way. continue fighting and winning.



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