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Re: Same here by muttgirl ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   11/23/2004 10:11:23 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Hi Sleepygal,

To answer your question, I am doing most of this on my own without a doctor. Very few doctors know how to treat it, and none of them are close to me. The mistake I made was unknowingly going to a bad chelation doctor. He gave me ala while my fillings were in and I got very much worse. He also thought I had Hashimoto's and diabetes when I didn't and gave me treatments for those,and I got very sick and very much in debt. After taking matters into my own hands, I am slowly getting better.

You can get DMSA without a script. I use this one because it is easy to get and I also have a lead problem in addition to mercury. I did see a doctor to get certain tests ordered, and he advised me to follow the chelation protocol of Andy Cutler, which is the safest. Basically, I was supposed to take it every other weekend, 25 mg every 4 hours including at night for at least 18 consecutive doses. I did well at first and got big improvements, most notably in speaking ability, but for some reason, it makes yeast worse. Therefore, after a few rounds of chelation I rest from it and do cleanses. I am doing it very slow and steady, so it will probably take me at least another year. Fillings must be removed prior to any chelation (DMSA, ALA, DMPS, chorella or cilantro), see Hal Huggins for important guidelines.

My basic regimen:

One weekend of DMSA as described above, along with OLE and OOO to keep down yeast.
One weekend off
One weekend of Liver Flush as described on this site (really helps!)along with a colonic afterward
One weekend off

coffee enema, very helpful when candida symptoms get bad

1 Isocort tablet in the am (2.5 mg hydrocortisone for adrenal support)

Gluten free diet (avoid bread, pasta, anything iwth flour), no seafood, with focus on organic meat and veggies, no-processed food, low sugar, no alcohol or caffeine, drink water and mineral water only. I do however, have a treat of good quality chocolate or ice cream twice a week, to make up for all of the deprivation. Not vegetarian, you need protein.

6 oz of fresh veggie juice, usually cucumber, carrot, Celery and spinach in the am

Reduce stress, listen to classical or healing music
Reduce TV
Exercise as tolerated

Three times a week I take cod liver oil. Maybe about once or twice a month I try other treatments. Some of these include FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) sauna, Clay baths, detox foot pads, and I am now experimenting with DNR body soaks. I have found them to be very potent as far as herx reactions go, so I use well under the dose it tells you to.
I also sometimes take Vitamins B and C, and some minerals (make sure they don't contain ala!), but not regularly, since I don't think it's good to take things every day.

My best advice is do all the reading you can, especially different points of view. Try one thing at a time to see if it makes a difference, and start with the lowest dose. Gradually increase after being sure you have no bad reaction. If you start a lot of things at once, it will be hard to tell which gives you a good or bad reaction. I avoid starting new supplements at night, syptoms then can get scary when it is dark and you are alone.

Helpful information I got from:
Andy Cutler's Autism-Mercury yahoo group (excellent with tests and chelation, but a little too supplement and drug-oriented without enough emphasis on natural cleanses. He does get the connection between mercury and gut problems, and the viral connection here.

Hal Huggins for info on safe filling removal

Curezone for Liver Flush and enema and general info

Garth Nicolson (sp)for virus info

Amy Yasko has an interesting protocol, supposedly with good results but I haven't tried it. I am waiting to hear more about it.

Radio Liberty sometimes has good medical guests, like Dr. Nicolson and Russell Blaylock, along with others I can't think of right now. I

Lots of books on various medical subjects.

Hope this helps,


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