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Puffy face & Candida??? by Rachel--24 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/17/2005 7:51:34 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi, after being very sick for more than 2 years I finally decided I probably have Candida about a month ago. A doctor confirmed that I have severe systemic Candida. All other tests taken over last 2 years were all normal. I started the diet 3 weeks ago along with Nystatin, a Colon Cleanse (6 in 1), garlic, grapeseed extract and Paragone (a kit). I had low body temp. and many Hypothyroid symptoms...extreme fatigue, dry skin, Depression etc. I take thyroid hormone but despite normal blood tests the symptoms always remained unchanged. After starting the diet I noticed a huge improvement. Pretty much all of my symptoms have lessened or gone away completely. My body temp has increased and I have tons of energy. Twice I have accidently eaten Sugar and my symptoms came back within minutes and Depression hit hard. I also have pretty bad chemical sensitivities which get much worse when I mistakenly eat the wrong things. One of my most bothersome symptoms is a puffy face and puffy eyes. I'm not sure if its fluid or swollen tissue but it can get quite painful. My nose, mouth and eyes also burn if I eat wrong or sometimes after taking the Nystatin. When I dont make mistakes the burning and pain is gone but the swelling is always there just not as bad. The appearance of my face has actually changed alot because of this and I'm wondering if this is all related to the Candida. It all started at the same time but I've never read anything about other people with Candida having puffiness in the face. I was just wondering if this will go away once I get the Candida under control or if its possibly caused by something other than yeast. Today I had yogurt for the first time. It was Brown Cow plain yogurt...I have been miserable since eating it. Even though Sugar isn't listed on the ingredients it does contain sugar. Is this from the lactose? I want to make my own yogurt and bought a yogurt maker today. Can I use store bought organic plain yogurt as a starter? Does the process kill any sugars? This is all new to me so sorry so many questions.
Thanks, Rachel

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