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Date:   12/30/2005 12:41:06 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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URL: The product is called A.D.P. You can find in on the link from the manufacturer. Essentially it is some kind of high grade Oregano that has something special added or done to it. They claim it gets rid of Candida, parasites, bacteria, etc. I wrote the company asking more questions. Well let you know what they say.

Just to let you know also, I just order to A. Oxygen and talked to the people directly at the company. So very nice and verrrry informative. They do have a candida product, but she said that the oxygen product alone should be enough to work on the candida alone. I thought that was really cool, because she could have totally tried to sell me on the 2nd product, but she said to just try to oxygen and see how it did. Are you taking the 20 drops 3x a day? She also told me that it was in fact safe to take during pregnancy, but not to worry, because this is not something you need to take long term for the candida. Also, it takes about 10 days she said to start noticing a difference in the candida. I ordered directly from the company, because there are a lot of companies out there using their name and trademark and trying to claim they are them. Or they are using their name and adding another word to the end of it, so I wanted to order directly from the company to know for sure that I am getting the real thing. There are a lot of uses for it she told me about, which I'm sure you read about in the accompanying literature, but it was very interesting how it purifies water and all. Anyway, I should get it next week and I'm totally excited to start it. Thanks again for posting about it, else I never would have known about it. And I thought I was the candida research queen! LOL!



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