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Re: Are these candida symptoms? by objoyfl ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/9/2006 11:23:55 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Some of your symptoms sound like candida and some sound like vitamin & mineral deficiency, perhaps caused by candida. Most people who have candida also have mineral deficiency, especially magnesium.

Coat on tongue is candida. Thinning hair is lack of vitamin B complex, silica, sulfur (just off the top of my head). Skipping heart is lack of minerals most likely magnesium and/or potassium. Tingling & burning is magnesium deficiency.

Do you eat plenty of raw green salads and other fresh vegetables? These will provide much needed minerals mentioned above. You can take a mineral supplement but getting your minerals from the food you eat is first most important thing you can do. If you do not seem to get enough from your food, then add supplement.

The candida can be caused by any one of several possibilities:
birth control pills
environmental chemicals... perfumes, pesticides, chemicals at work, etc.
organ transplant anti rejection drugs
high acid diet
high Sugar diet
high stress and bad diet
sexual contact with vaginitis
root canaled teeth
absessed teeth (rotten)

If you've had or been involved with more than one of these, your chances of having candida overgrowth are very high. If you think any of this seems to fit your case, post again and we may be able to direct you to further ideas to help.

Hope this gives you some clues. Good luck!


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