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Shelley, do I seem to be on the right track here? by #29539 ..... Ask Shelley # 2

Date:   9/19/2004 4:36:20 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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My chronic bad breath has brought me here...It seems to have several causes, which I am still figuring out. For example, it's really bad when my body is too acidic. Dairy products make it bad too. I assume that much of the problem is caused by toxins in my body.

But here's the weirdest thing....My body gives off the odors of things I eat. For example, if I take Vit c, or flax seed oil, or magnesium (or anything!) each of these supplements has a distinctive odor which I can smell on my breath, skin, breast milk, etc, really strong. Also any strong smelling foods come out too. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Is it my liver that's not doing its job, or what?

I have always eaten badly, especially sugar. I seem like a likely candidate for candida, but I don't have the sypmtoms you list, other than being a Sugar fiend.

My tongue has deep cracks in it and I have breakouts, especially on my forehead, hairline and neck.

I will be weaning in a few months and I'm trying to get a plan for what I can do then. I'm taking Milk thistle now and trying to cut out Sugar and coffee, because I figured those would be hard on the liver. After I've weaned my baby, I plan to do a Colon Cleanse (I'm thinking Colonix?) use the Chinese Bitters for a while and then do some major liver flushing. Do you think this is the right approach? Will it help? Also, how do you feel about MSM and it's toxin removing properties?

Thank you so much for all you do to help us!!!

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