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Lifestyle Change of how i reduced psoriasis by 80-90% by SilentGuy ..... Psoriasis Support Forum

Date:   5/14/2006 7:47:03 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Forgive me if seems slightly long but this is how i reduced Psoriasis by around 80-90% Forgive me for any spelling errors.

I'm new so I'll i introduce, I'm 20 year old male living in London. suffer from moderate Psoriasis (scalp, Lower back + sometimes arms) from about the ages of 14(one family member also suffers), I've always been into health + fitness and i believe this was one of my main reasons for developing Psoriasis.

At around 14 i started a weight training program with friends radically changed my normal to a strict diet high protein, low fat, little carbs, no fruit/veg to become as muscular + strong as i could. i followed this routine for a while rarely cheating on my diet. I started to make good gains and for a 17 year old became very muscular.

During this time i started to notice a small dandruff looking lump on the back of my scalp, i believed this was just dandruff and a result of my diet i wasn't too concerned to be honest. i still continued my 6 day training program accompanied by my 7 meal a day diet consisting primarily of eggs, chicken, rice, oats, protein powders etc....

At around 18 years that small lump of dandruff became considerably larger in size and there seemed to be new lump forming on the scalp, so finally went to doctors diagnosed as P and gave me a prescription in around 15 minutes. GP's in London have to almost operate a checkout type service due to the demand. !!!!!

So at 18 i had just finished my A levels which consisted of Sport science, biology + chemistry, i was choosing my subjects for university i ended picking Nutrition at a London university(Sep 2004). so completed my fist year very basic consisting of how foods are broken down in the body etc... stared second year (sep 2005) and learning became a bit more detailed and i started to learn for every action each living cell makes there are hundreds and thousands of counter reactions to bring the body into balance, Psoriasis now for me started to become a problem i felt insecure worried people might see etc... this is when i started to realize my diet and lifestyle could be the route of the problem.

I started a food diary and started eliminating certain foods to see if there seemed to be a link, 3 months in no luck. i started doing a lot of research on psoriasis as it was started to affect me considerably, i did research on the veg group the nightshade family, eliminated the products to the best as i could and noticed a small improvement.

I then learnt of the ACID/ALKALINE BALANCE in the body (late dec 2005) learnt that a large number of problems (skin complaints, bowel problems etc) are due to this, the body functions better when our body's pH level is slightly alkaline, with a normal range of 7.36 to 7.44, i did a fair amount of research on this and it seemed Science backed up its theory that being overly acidic can be the cause of so many problems for so many people.

It was the start of the new year 2006 and i decided to give it a go, ideally humans should eat a diet consisting of around 75% alkaline foods & 25% acidic foods. the diet consists primarily of veg, certain nuts & seeds, small amounts of fruit, i then realised the link between my old diet which consisted of large amounts of various meats & grains(oats, rice etc) which have a very acidic effect on the body. i found these foods would become difficult to cut out as i enjoyed eating them.

For around a month i got into the habit of waking in the morning juicing vegetables(all organic this is extremely important!) around 5-6 different types of veg after a while of doing it you can realise which veg juices you like best and make some nice combinations my favourites at the moment are handful of spinach leaves, 2-3 carrots, 2-3 stalks of Celery with some fresh parsley. i also drink a large amount of bottled water around 3 litres a day, for a snack i would have a handful of almonds/brazil nuts.

Generally for lunch i usually have lentils or some dried bean variety, maybe some dried fruit if hungry again. and then for dinner would have a large amount of salad/veg and maybe some sweet potato type dish. there are many recipes on the net those following the ACID/ALKALINE so recipes are not hard to come by. 20% of the food can be acid forming foods, so 2-3 times a week i have some fish generally oily fish ad i feel they are beneficial to my body, i also eat brown rice, porridge oats.

I eliminated all dairy products, the nightshades even though certain ones are allowed on the ACID/ALKALINE diet.

And obviously no processed foods, sweets, meat, bread & so on....

1 month in i noticed small beneficial changes to my psoriasis, my arms were clear free but i only had a few small patches, my lower which was also only had a few patches were clear free but i also noticed my skin facial tone and clarity had improved considerably it was almost visibly perfect, 2 months in (mid feb 2006) i was noticing my scalp had improved dramatically 50% less than what there was a couple of months back. i continued on the diet during march + april 2006 i was still making improvements every week little by little i could see small changes.

Now, mid may 2006, i still suffer from scalp psoriasis but hopefully in months to date these should fade.

I'm being honest.

Occasionally i break the diet and have some ice cream or something but only small, generally though the next day i end up paying for it with toilet problems(constipation, diarrhoea so its not worth the hassle now for me.

Hope this can be some help for people.


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