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Re: QUESTION... by #166747 ..... Webmaster Support & Suggestions # 1 [Arc]

Date:   1/24/2003 1:34:35 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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No, server is not afected with this kind of pictures.

That picture is large, and will put load on server where it is stored, and on your own computer,
while will not in any way know that there was a picture embedded inside that message.

Request to download picture is sent by your browser from your own computer directly to the server where picture is stored, and server is not aware of that request.

Feel free to include "small" pictures inside your posts, but make sure they are not "too lage", as it my cause server overload there where picture is stored.

One message may be read by 300 or more people, making 300 or more requests, and if picture is very large (over 200 KB) it may crash the hostig server.

Read "Terms and Contditions of Services" of service provider where you intend to store your pics, and make sure that thay don't mind embedding pictures into web pages on other web sites.

If there is too much "heavy" picture downloads from their web site, it may crash thir web server, they may become suspicios, and may decide to check their traffic logg,
and may discover that pictures stored on their server are embedded into web pages on, and if that is against their "Terms and Contditions of Services", they will try to contact us and ask us to remove those pictures.

Even if that is in accordance with their "Terms and Contditions of Services", they may change the "Terms ", and
may contact us and ask us to remove those pictures.

We will have to respect that, and if we are talking about 100 pictures and 100 messages, and if we know that it takes 15 - 30 sec or more to delete 1 single message, or 1 - 2 min to edit a message, it may quicky be few hours of work for me .... you understand that I am not looking forward to that.

So, just make sure pictures are not too large (keep it under 50KB ), and make sure it is not 100 pictures.

Also, if you include 10 large pictures into one single message, that is very VERY long download time for people reading that message!

So keep it small, and not more then few pictures per message.

Be aware that service provider that will be hosting your pictures will have to pay from 0.3$ to 1$ for every GB of traffic!

One single picture of 100KB, if downloaded 100 times per day, will generat 10MB of traffic in one single day.

100 pictures of 100KB, if downloaded 100 times/day will generate 1 GB of traffic in one single day.

So, the price for hosting 100 pictures of 100KB, can quickly be 1$ per day, or $200 - $365 per year.

It will be taken from someone's pocket!


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