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Re: Giddy as a school girl by Zapp ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   8/25/2006 10:13:21 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi Michele. It's great to hear from you. It took about one year to free myself from candida. It was obvious when the candidasis was cured because many of the symptoms disappeared. The constant nausea, the feeling of not getting enough oxygen, and much of the brain fog and chronic fatigue abated. Also, I no longer noticed a worsening of symptoms after eating moderate amounts of carbohydrates. However, I was still left with: tinnitus, sinusitis/post nasal drip, feeling cold at normal room temperatures, and bouts of very bad insomnia.

All these remaing symptoms have greatly improved since I have started taking HCI w/ pepsin. I think mineral deficiencies put my body in a funtionally hypothryroid condition. Selenium, chromium, iodine, and zinc are all required for the body to utilize existing thyroid hormones.

I would like to have my stomach acid tested. The Heidelberg test is about $1,000.
The kit for the gastro-test, which is almost as accurate as the Heidelberg, is around $20. Call me cheap, but I think I'm going for the $20 test.

With greatly reduced symptoms my disposition has brightened. I have a good deal of contact with dialysis patients. Many of them are very, very sick. And yet, the majority of them seem to somehow enjoy life. Is the ability to enjoy life in the face of a serious chronic illness a learned skill? I always respect a person's privacy, but I am greatly tempted to ask what sustains them.

This experience has left me with greatly heightened respect and compassion for all people living with chronic illnesses. It has also left me with a greatly heightened sense of disappointment, and even contempt, for many practicing allopathic medicine. Live and learn. Maybe, learn and live.


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