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Chalak..... by kathryn101 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   12/20/2005 7:29:42 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi Chalak....How much weight have you lost and in what time frame? Feeling chilly
and being hyper make you sound like you have low thyroid...but it is very hard
to lose weight with low that part makes it sound like HIGH thyroid.

Have you been to an endocronologist? That's a person especially trained to know about thyroid. AND have you done the temperature test...just check your temp...
I say anytime of the day...others say first thing in the morning before you even
get out of bed...but for temp is very low at high just check it
and see if it's normal...if it is LOWER than 98.6 or there DO have
low thyroid.

In another post, you mentioned clearing your throat all the time...that's a sign
you have too much mucous...and you need to check into a mucousless diet...just do
a search and read up on that.

If you can...get a mini trampoline at Walmart (about $25) and just bounce on that
for 5 to 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day...a mini trampoline can work wonders for
your health. To read up on the benefits of bouncing on a mini trampoline...just
type in "Rebounding + Health Benefits" and do a'll be amazed. :-) you have a juicer? You need to be eating very healthy...and if you can...
take in 2 or 3 BIG glasses of carrot juice a day...add a little spinach, also.

If I were you...I'd buy some good Pau D Arco tea and sip that on and off during the can just type that in and read all day on it's health benefits. And you
can probably get it at your health food store.

Hope some of this helps. Keep us posted. kathryn


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