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Re: Repost: Herpes Treatment (Research Based) by Electrafied ..... Herpes Simplex 1 Forum

Date:   12/4/2005 8:39:24 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I was told in 1973 that I had herpes. I remember having a painful groin that hurt when I went to urinate, and I had some sore on the crack of my buttocks. I divorced my husband over it, but he swore (even to this day) that he never had herpes and was told by his physician that it was a case of crabs.

I had a fever for at least a month, and found urinating very painful. I cried and cried over it. At the time herpes was the worst thing you could get for an STD. Now, in the light of the AIDS epidemic, it doesn't seem so bad. I had one other outbreak of herpes (I think, it was so long ago) during my divorce and then again about 15 years later. However, I was also exposed to chicken pox and was given a medication called zorovax at the same time I had an outbreak of the herpes. It got rid of it for me.

Now, if I feel a tingling sensation up my thigh (a clue for me of an erruption may be occurring withing a couple of days) I take zorovax for about a week and then all is well for me. I'm 50 years old and have been with my current husband for 25 years now. I told him about the herpes that I thought I had contacted, but he is convinced I've never had it, because he's never contracted the disease.

Although I only had 2 severe outbreaks for the lst year of contracting herpes, my ex-husband complained he was having to go to the doctor for sores (forgeting what he told me about the crabs, in a fit of emotional fisticufs or i.e., what you would call a Freudian slip).

Studying the disease and seeing photos of the sores coming from the herpes virus makes me 90% sure that it was herpes I was infected with in 1973, but I'm not 100% sure. Because I haven't had a problem with it recurring full blown, I can't be certain.

Anyway, try the zorivax which is used for chickenpox, which is in the same virus family as shingles and herpes. Perhaps it will work for you too as it has for me all these years.

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