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Re: Carrying herpes in your system without knowing? by blackcat ..... Herpes Simplex 1 Forum

Date:   2/20/2006 10:37:43 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I called her when I had peeing pain and saw blisters. I was trying to find a clinic that was open and was calling her on her cell at the same time. I finally got ahold of her on her phone after visiting the only clinic open that night. The doc there said it appeared to be gono but wasn't sure. I told my gf to go to another room (as she had a friend over) and told her what I found and that she probably had it too. She said I was very mature for telling most guys wouldn't have done that and would have kept it quiet (basically saying I gave it to her but I didn't think about that till later?). Our next conversation a few days later I told her I was tested for STD's a few months back and never had anything. She then said she never had anything either as she gave blood and said they would have told her (although I looked that up and the CDN red cross doesnt check...only ask you not to give blood during an outbreak). I told her I think it might be herpes based on my symptoms (from looking on the web) but wasn't sure. She said her doctor told her that too at first but then said it was gono after getting a second opinion. Then she said we shouldn't blame each other as what happened has happened. We didn't really talk much after that. I found out it was herpes a few days ago.

Now going back to the beginning just a few days after the first time we had unprotected sex I got a fever, headache and super sore throat. I went to my family doc after 5 days and asked her to check me out. She said I had strep throat and gave me some anti-biotics. I never linked the two at the time.

Then the day I got blisters I had a sore throat early in the morning and mentioned it to my gf. She said it might be strep throat again as she had that a bunch of times she said. 1 week later...a couple days after I got blisters I had the same fever, sore throat, etc. Thats when I figured out it was herpes and that I was originally mis-diagnosed as having strep throat. I betcha she was mis-diagnosed the same way originally and then thought everytime she had a sore throat and felt bad believed it was strep throat when it really was a herpes outbreak. I was the first person she's been with for 1 and a half years.

I'm 100% sure I never had this virus before based on how its attacked my body this last few weeks. Whether she knew she had it or not is up to speculation.

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