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The best topical I have found. Blisters receded in 1 day (!!!) by #26295 ..... Herpes Simplex 1 Forum

Date:   3/2/2006 2:27:59 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I recently had an outbreak. :( And I decided to try some stuff that I bought a while back. I am amazed that it has worked this good! I read once that silver protein can kill herpes and many other bacteria but was very skeptical. I also read/heard that if you do buy it, you need to get the highest quality manufacturing or some such claim because if the process is done wrong it is essentially useless.

Anyway, it started with itchiness and the red slightly raised patch like normal.. then during the night it got worse and I woke up and saw that the blisters had , it hurt, etc. It was a bummer but I decided to give the silver gel a try. I put some on and went back to sleep and then put some on in the morning and went off to work. By mid-day, the blisters had receded completely (!) and by the next day they were gone! This only happened three days ago and the infection is completly gone.

This is the stuff I bought. It was highly recommended as a place that 'does it right':

I bought the second one down, the 'silvigel'.

I must also say, this was for an infection on my pelvis right above my genitals, which is where I get most of my outbreaks. I DON'T KNOW IF IT IS SAFE TO USE THIS INTERNALLY, ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN! If you are interested in trying it, you should probably look into that.

Anyway, I am really surprised as I have never had blisters recede in one day before. I simply wiped the gel on in several applications and it was gone. No scabbiness or red dots either. I repeat, even with all my health stuff, garlic, linus pauling vitamin c potions, I have never had blisters recede in one day before. It usually lasts at least a week for me. (!)

this is not a sales pitch for antiageing or anything. I don't care whether you get it from there or if you get it at all. But remember that a lot of the silver protein products are considered to be garbage by some of the people who are really into it.

Just sharing, and wishing you well,



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