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Date:   1/23/2005 4:08:58 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Help save our nutritional supplements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You only have 24 hours to respond

Please don't decide just to forward this to your mates and not do anything yourself. That is absolutely pointless. This vote is on Tuesday and this is our last chance. My own email to my MP is below if you want to copy and paste it (changing the name of your MP). However a 2 sentence email asking your MP to vote to renegotiate this awful directive should suffice.

This is an urgent call to action if we want to keep access to our currently used and available vitamins and mineral supplements.

In addition to the Directive, a newly created EU quango has created (based on very poor science) a report that reduces RDA for all vitamins. These are well below the levels that we need to maintain normal good health which, if adopted along with the Directive, will mean that in years to come we will see malnutrition diseases return to Europe. (Rickets, Beriberi, Pellagra etc)

Basically all Vitamin and mineral supplements will be affected including Vitamin C, Selenium, Glucosamine (bad news for all Arthritis sufferers!) and many herbs. Interestingly the vitamins that will be allowed (i.e. on the positive list) will the SYNTHETIC versions. Practically all others will be banned by law.

I would rather take the versions made by mother nature than synthetic ones. How about you? If this Directive goes through I will be breaking the law by taking natural vitamins.

This is a human rights issue as much as anything - are you going to stand up for your freedom to choose how you live? Please support this action, and let the 'powers that be' know that we want to keep our choices and not be dictated to by nanny EU.


Please pass on this message to your friends - distribute as widely as you can to UK contacts

I am sending this message to seek your urgent assistance with the campaign to stop the EU Food Supplements Directive's proposed ban on 75% of vitamin and mineral forms, found in some 5000 products currently sold in UK health stores and via practitioners. They will be in the European Court in Luxembourg on 25 January defending our landmark case to overturn the ban.

On the same evening of our case, this coming Tuesday, to coincide with the legal action being taken in Luxembourg, Conservative MP Chris Grayling and Labour MP Kate Hoey will lead a cross-Party effort to force the Government to renegotiate the Directive and end the threat to most bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals in the UK.

The Opposition have given up half a day of the time allocated to them for this debate, and it will provide an opportunity for MPs to vote against the Directive and to instruct the Government to go back to Brussels and renegotiate its provisions.

We need to put as much pressure on MPs as possible to vote with us on Tuesday. Please can you send an email to your own MP at Westminster over the weekend or before Tuesday lunchtime urging them to back the motion and to oppose the Directive.

***********The email address for MPs works in the following way: the surname and the initial followed by So John Reid, the
Health Secretary's email address would be and
the Junior Minister involved, Melanie Johnson's would be *****************

You might like to send an email to both of them as well.

If you don't know who your MP is, please go to:******* **** and type in your postcode.

Below is the email I just sent my MP,

Dear Mr Taylor

I am emailing you in the desperate hope that you will support the Parliamentary vote on Tuesday in favour of renegotiating the ill conceived and nannying EU directive restricting peoples human right to purchase many vitamins and minerals altogether, and with regard to the nutrients on the 'positive' list restrict the availability of EFFECTIVE dosages of nutritional supplements.

The directive, due to come into force this October is a draconian attack on my right to take the nutritional supplements which I know enhance not only my own health, but those of my family, friends and colleagues, none of whom have suffered from taking such supplements. Compare this to the conservative estimate of the clinical risk unit of University College, the University Of London of the annual deaths caused by medical drugs - 40,000 people per year! Moreover, by improving peoples health, the free availability of health enhancing supplements in the UK removes a HUGE burden from the National Health Service. How dare UNELECTED officials in Brussels remove my right, and other people's right to take these supplements.

Will you protect our human rights, or will you allow bureaucrats to take our freedoms away without so much as a whimper of protest?

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR MP NOW. Thanks for reading

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