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Re: Try the oils seperately! by #17163 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/13/2005 10:28:21 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Please dont get any of your lips cut out! I dont really understand how that can cure the problem unless the lips are cancerous, but even if they were cancerous the body would still be able to heal them on its own given the right cirucumstances. You are way too young to be making such an extreme decision, one which I am almost sure you would regret sooner or later. You do not want to live your life with such a regret trust me, I have a few. Now that I am aware of the awesome ability the body has to heal I wish I could go back in time and change all of the bad/poor decisions I made because of my health/skin/lip promblems.

You said that oils can not heal permanently and you are so wrong. If you have a deficiency they can heal permanently. You said that Fucidin helped, Fucidin can act as an antibacterial. Do you know that when the skin is compromised by a lack of essential oils and fats it is prone to bacterial and fungal infections? So many studies have been done on the antibacterial antifungal qualities of fats/oils and healthy sebum. Healthy oils create a healthy bacteria on the skin which keep the bad bacteria at bay. When the skin is infected with bacteria or fungus the primary symptom is high cellular turnover (peeling). Also the immune system is reveved up in places that have been wounded and dont have the neccessary nutrition (oils, vitamins, enzymes etc) to heal on its own (creates more peeling). Sometimes topical steroids (like Efudex) and other topicals like protopic can stop this immune reaction. Antibacterials and antifungals worked somewhat for me too. Very frustrating really because I thought that the problem was the bacteria or the fungus, for almost a year I tried every antibacterial and antifungal I could some helped but never fully healed me. Finally I started asking myself why my own body wasnt fighting these bacteria/fungus off on its own. I mean a person should not have to worry about bacteria and fungus because the skin has its own defense system that works perfectly.

So I started to look into the skins defense system and everything pointed to fatty acids. Without the right type of sebum (oils) the skin becomes alkaline and bacterial/fungal infections can set in. Fatty acids are acidic, healthy skin is slightly acidic. Without the correct sebum the skin is not waterproof and can be prone to damage especially from water and soap. If the skin is damaged at the same time it is deficient in essential fatty acids it will not be able to heal.. Without the right fatty acids cellular turnover is increased, this not only can cause the skin to look and feel dry but also clog the pores and create Acne and dandruff. Maybe your skin was in a fragile state when you did the lip licking. My condition started after using a harsh facial wash, I remember the day so clearly.

I had noticed that my skin was getting drier and less elastic (essential oils make the skin elastic and moisturized), at the same time I was still excreting my usual sticky oil (essential oils make sebum silky not sticky) and getting more Acne than usual. I was quite upset because I was also getting scars, my skin didnt normally scar (another sign that I was lacking essential fats as essential oils are needed to repair wounds). I thought that I needed a stronger facial wash and decided to mix some grapefruit seed extract into my facial wash. The next day my cheeks and lips were very chapped and peeling and from that very day they never healed, not for three years! They just kept on peeling. Im sure that I got a fungus infection after that because I started to get even more of a skin build up that was helped somewhat by oral and topical antifungals.

Also what some dont realize is that your entire stomach, large and small intestines are coated with skin and if this skin is compromised like your other skin you will probably not have the best digestion which can further complicate your skin issues.

Over the years I kept daily journals and finally figured out (from all of the reactions to oils) that it was some kind of fatty acid imbalance. Certain fatty acids worsened the peeling, some helped, some caused acne, some eliminated inflammation. I feel like I have become a fatty acid expert. I know exactly what effect all the different fats have on me personally. Now I can't say that your problem is definately a deficiency of essential oils but it's the best starting place. If you dont find relief in oils the next place to look is the liver. It processes the oils and controls so many functions in your body it would be crazy not to do some Liver Flushes along with some proper colon cleansing.

I found out that borage worked by trial and error, three years of trial and error. But proved it for myself once and for all through this simple way

1. Eat only vegetable fruits and chicken breast for a week.
2. No supplements
3. No fats what so ever! No chicken fat either. No dairy, no nuts, not chocolate, no fish, no oils, no salad dressings, no fried foods, no beans, , (they contain enough omega 3 to cause me symptoms, not sure if they would for someone else but just to be safe no beans).
4. Puncture a Barleens borage oil capsule and squeeze out the oil into your hand rub the oil onto your belly.

Thats it. Within three days by skin was almost 100% healed. Like a miracle! Now if I eat some type of omega 3 or dairy oil my dry skin start to creep back but as my skin gets stronger this reaction is less severe. For some reason dairy and omega 3 fats block the healing and if I eat omega 9 (olive oil, nuts ect) my skin/lips become inflammed but no peeling.

If borage oil doesnt work try another oil (omega 3) in the same way. Then try a combo of both omega 3 and GLA (borage).


May I ask if you have any other problems with health or skin? Do you have bumpy skin, dandruff, acne, oily or dry skin? Blackheads or whiteheads, cysts?
Insomnia? How is your digestion? Do you have noraml looking stools (color shape and form)? Depressed? Fatigue? Any thirst or dehydration? Frequent urination? Hair loss? Are you a female, if so do you have any symptoms of insulin resistance?

What is your typical diet?, This may help point out a need for a specific fatty acid.

Sorry for writting so much, I just dont want anyone to suffer like I did. If I could help just one person from suffering that would be great.

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