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Date:   9/15/2005 1:23:17 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Dear Muslims,

I know our Western Countries- like America and England leave a lot to be desired. We have to face the fact that we are not serving God when we serve materialism, etc. Also our low morals in this society have seperated us from God. Our very media and even our politics is not according to God's plan for his people.

I know God is going to be dealing with us -- and this may be why He permitted the recent Hurricane disasters. It was not out of hate towards us-but to clean out the corruption so that He could change hearts over to Him and create restoration.

What the people are going through over there is truly a "healing crisis" and it is painful, but it is bringing many hearts back to Him.

Neverthelss, I ask those who are working with the Taliban who read this- to reconsider any of your own plans to try to bring about man-made disasters to hurt America.

Terrorism may kill people-but it doenst get to the root of evil- it only makes the devil laugh at both opposing sides. It also makes those that need to be chastised think that they are justified in thier wrong behavior.

Pray for our souls -and that God will cause a restoration and cleansing in us- and that we will turn back to Him. There is always a flicker of light in every person-even if they are corrupt.

God may have to use harsh means to convert America - but dont YOU do God's work for Him. God has His own ways of chastising His wayward children and doesnt need man to incite it.

Judgement Day will come-believe me- and all of us will be judged by God- I feel it is more constructive for you all to pray for us wayward children who God also created-than it is to destroy us. And this also goes for our president and those serving in Iraq- We ALL must realize this.

In other words-- Terrorism is not, I feel, how God wants to cleanse this World- He has His plans that no man- including myself- know. All to often we humans think we should "help Him out" but our actions create confusion and actually harm His plans.

Leave us to God- and pray that He even continues to send calamities and disasters if that's what it takes to get us back to HIM-- but PLEASE dont create them artificially . We were a Country founded under God at one time. God Himself has ways of dealing with His bad children.



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