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Re: To Trapper by Boldyloxx ..... Christianity (Biblical) Support

Date:   10/31/2005 2:19:53 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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organized religion is man's interpretation of how to follow God. Many things done in the NAME of God were never led by Him. Things must be done in COMMUNION with God- by the leading of the Holy Spirit. At best, man's righteousness is as a filthy rag before God. Organized religion is nothing more than man's righteousness at work.

It is with good intentions, but still like saying, "LET US" as in the Tower of Babel.
and doing what seems right without praying for divine guidance in the smallest of matters.

During the Tower of Babel, we must remember that these people wanted to take it upon themselves to build a tall building that would REACH GOD! So it had a proper incentive. After all, they wanted to reach God and God should have been flattered, right?

Well it was not done with pure motives to get close to God- and was done to appeal to their spiritual egos. They didnt realy want to glorify God in this building- but to see what they could accomplish. It created confusion. God had to put an end to it before the confusion turned to corruption.

God knows we find ourselves in a situation where there is nothing but organized religion all around us. In fact, We grow up in organized religion churches. This is why He condescends to reach us where we find ourselves. If a person's heart is eager to know God, they will hear Him speak. God's love is so enormous that He speaks through our pastors and priests and uses all denominations and religions to reach his scattered children at all levels and walks in life.

Eventually it will be revealed after we die how He condescended to use all denominations and man made religions to draw each person closer and closer to the true Goal in their life- JESUS.
I'm sure not in your church's situation- but in many situations, God hadnt led certain missionaries to ship onshore to convert people to christianity on thier own. The Crusades is one such example. This sort of zealout behavior God wanted stopped after Jesus's Dispensation started and the Old Testament Ways were fullfilled with Jesus's sacrifice.

God was also not in the burning of witches in Massachusettes. These people should have been prayed for and presented before God if they were practicing Satanism, but it was not God's leading that the people should take it upon themselves to tie them up and burn them at the stake. Human's doing what they thought was what God wanted, but they actually played right into Satan's hands with their newfound taste for hate and murder.


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