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Re: Fortune tellers by #27836 ..... Affirmations & Positive Thinking

Date:   8/9/2004 4:27:14 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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No, they aren't always right and sometimes they play power games. Questions like this get me going, pre-soapbox warning! (o:

I would seriously question the ethics, compassion and integrity of a reader who would tell you such scary things. Believe me, she knew she was scaring you. No one could say such frightening things without knowing it. That sounds like a power trip to me. Not necessarily something she did consciously, (most people not so wicked!) but people can have a lot of baggage that directs their actions without their knowledge.

A person might say, but what if she saw the truth and just felt she should tell me? But see, a reader has *choice* about where she chooses to look to find insights for you. A reader could look at so many things regarding jobs, like, what's in your way that you could shift? Is there any belief or outlook you have that is blocking you from having what you need? *Those* would be helpful, healing insights. Yet this reader chose to tell you about curses -- that tells you something right there.

She gave you scary information that completely blocked you from your goal -- *her information* has placed a huge new obstacle in the way of getting a job -- how can you be a positive job-seeker if you think you are cursed? She told you that your MIL never wanted you! What a damaging thing to say! She's now blocked you from having a positive relation with your MIL too. This woman is an extreme negative force in your life -- I hope you find a way to get her information out of your space. Her negativity will only have power over you if you choose to let it.

My understanding of readings is, it's the job of the "readee" -- you -- to keep your "seniority." That means *you* know what information fits for you or not, better than any reader can. She doesn't get to say what's right for you. It's *your* energy she's reading. You get to say, "this fits for me, or no it doesn't fit for me." You get to throw it out if it doesn't fit. You know best where your truth is, better than any of us out here, better than any reader. A good reading tells you things that don't require a leap of faith -- more like "oh, yes, I knew that of course, thanks for lighting it up for me."

There are all kinds of readers. Readers' perceptions are as human and error-prone as anyone. Some readers, the best, will have positive, helpful, healing intentions. The one you saw did not. She put herself in a power position, as an authority over you, and then used her position to damage and block your life and hopes. That she would do that, that alone, would be enough reason to throw out everything she said.

I do some energy reading myself, just looking at energy patterns, nothing mysterious. One common energy pattern is projection, people tend to see in others, parts of themselves. For example, I might especially like people who remind me of what I like in myself. And I might especially notice in other people negative things that I am in denial about, that I can't accept in myself. For example, if I'm stuffing anger, then I might look at someone and think, eew, what an angry person. But it's really an insight about myself, not about that person. Projections can be completely inaccurate -- for example seeing anger just because some actually happy person looks like an angry parent.

What I'm getting at here is, that woman looked at you/MIL and saw a "curse" -- but to me, the information the reader gave you, *that* seems like a curse in your life, blocking you and scaring you so completely. (Instinctive, healthy fear -- a good way to recognize this "curse.") That woman who read you, the curse-throwing is hers. She probably doesn't even realize she does it, so she sees it elsewhere. (Does this make sense? Reading this, does it feel to you like it fits what happened? That's what I mean by, you know your own truth.)

So if you think what I'm saying fits -- it might help to give the icky energy & thoughts & perceived curses back to her. I'd just imagine gathering up all the icky scary stuff, bundling it up and mailing it to her, tell her she lost something that belongs to her.

(P.S., think I mighta just given you a free reading! LOL!)

Good luck finding a job!

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