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Re: Man's Free Will to Choose by #29140 ..... Religions Debate Forum

Date:   7/3/2005 6:26:47 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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"This common protest rests upon a very simple misunderstanding: the failure to recognize that God has given to all mankind the power of choice."

I didn't read all of that, because it's only more of the same. You think we've never heard all that "free will" bullsh...? It's not a misunderstanding. The "free will" excuse is simply not valid because it doesn't make sense. It's wrong. And by the way, you're not the first one to bring it. You think we've never heard that poor excuse before? PLEASE.
Do you have children? Do you love them? By your logic, loving parents should let their young children do anything they want, including watching p 0 r n, taking drugs and having sex at 10 years old if they wish. Because they love them. So they have to let them make their own choice right? Wrong.
The same goes for god: knowing that those who do not follow his commands will go to hell, he should simply not make it an option for them to disobey. Since man obviously has the choice, there is either a very bad god, who lets people do things that will lead them to hell and can't do his job as he should, OR, there is no god, no hell, and no heaven, and those are all fables.
And since, in the real world, one of those 2 options is necessarily true, if it is option 1, he doesn't deserve our worship, and if it's option 2... do I need to comment?
(I go with option 2 because all proofs point to it)

You bible followers are the ones who are really lost. You guys are so brainwashed into thinking that the bible is 100% true you can't even think corectly anymore. Calling followers of other religions "lost" is moronic. They're not more "lost" than you.


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