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Candida, crisis! What to do next? Am I doing it right? by Snowgirl ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/3/2003 5:23:46 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Dear PTree and others,
could you help me, please!
I've done my reserch here and there and this is what I came up with....
I've been treating myself for Candida for the past 2.5 weeks with Garlic program - 6 tablets or gloves a day + I am taking grapefruit extract capsules + Q10 + Milk Thistle for liver toxins + Echinacea for Immune system + vitamins: Iron, B, C, A.
Before I started Garlic I was taking Hydrogen Peroxyde for 1 week
and got my bones swolen and painful for the first time in my life, so I stopped HP and started garlic and other tablets. After 2-3 days the simptoms of pain and swollen joints were gone. At the same time my blood pressure went up for the first time and was feeling quite bad.
Could HP cause pain in joints or it is coinsidence and it was Candida?? mistery to me...
I knew I had systematic Candida and was just about to start the treatment with garlic, so I stopped HP and started garlic...
By now I am taking it for 2.5. weeks.....
During this time I was feeling up and down...from horrible state to to quite good....Then for 2 days along with my period I think I had a crisis and couldn't do much even didn't go to work. I felt very dizzy, my Blood Pressure went up to 140 a few times, which is high for me,
I was shaky and had my joints swollen for the second time, pain...
Then some simptoms of flu appeared and I didn't fell ill....
It was terrible! Then after 2 days it is all gone and I was feeling much better?
I 've done 3 apple cider vinegar enemas and passed something like Candida - yellowish, grinnish things. quite a lot of them!
I don't know if it was them. Actually, during this crisis I've done enema and passed a lot of this stuff....I
Is it Candida?

I also have done
Cognac and Castor oil drinking, supposed to be parasite clensing...
What do you think?
My Concern is that I am loosing my weight and what happens if I continue on enemas???? I am a normal weight, but becoming slimmer and slimmer....

Also, What would you recommend me to do next with my systematic Candida and constipation? I've seen here that P&B colon clensingmakes even more constipated?

Another concern is that when I do liver/gallbladder flush, is it possible for big stone to get blocked, since I don't know if i have big ones??

After my enemas I also pass some indigested food? What is it ?
My gallbladder is not working properly?

Dear PTree You are so knowledgeable! Please help me...
This site is real saviour! I am so pleased to find it!!!!


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