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Re: Candida, crisis! What to do next? Am I doing it right? by Petra ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/5/2003 7:52:05 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Garlic is really powerful stuff, there is many different opinions but my book says it's so strong it can wipe out your normal bacteria aswell as the bad guys - just like Antibiotics . So take it for a week, then stop for maybe a week - I dont know how long, but I also read it can be toxic in high doses, like all the time, day after day... But this goes for everything, always change, dont take something for months at a time. When you think how garlic can burn the inside of your mouth, I believe it is very strong.

I dont know if your Kefer (definately not yoghurt) has enough probiotic in them to benefit. I would be safe and take a capsule every day on empty stomach. I dont know which brand is best, depends which country you are in, but I think you should always buy one from the fridge. You will have to do homework on this - do a search on this forum.

Candida can become immune to the herbs/drugs that you take to kill it. Some people find that if they get the candida back again after getting rid of it, it is then even harder to get rid of, the same supplements dont work as good as the first time. So you should have a few supplements like Grapefruit seed extract, Olive leaf, Oregano, garlic, Mycropryl etc., Not all, maybe 3 different kinds and take a different one every 4 days. This way, by the time the Candida has changed it's form to survive the antifungal, you change the antifungal.

I dont know what candida looks like so I dont know if you passed it in your enema, but for sure whatever it was, it was making you sick. I have passed small blobs, like cotton wool and I thought this was candida but some parasite eggs also look like this.

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