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Re: my experience with balancing candida by viva ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/11/2003 10:39:17 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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hi ajb7592,

thank you for your reply. yeah. it was alot to go through to get where i am with my health. but it was totally worth it and i'd do it again. in a heartbeat.

people (family mostly) told me i was crazy and discouraged me from all the approaches i was taking for my health. but i persevered. my mom literally yelled at me everytime she caught me taking the collodial silver and MSM in the morning! she called me names, she insulted my spiritual practices, she threatened my meditation activities. it was ridiculous.

thanks to meditation i was able to simply observe it all and not react or take what she or anyone said personally. and most of all i was able to not judge her emotionally responses to my health and find compassion for her.

something was "truer" to me and that was my feelings and the love i had for myself to regard those feelings and put my energy into healing. this was my spirit, ajb7592.

in practicing meditation i have found a calm place within me, not even the emotional offset of the candida could affect. that was truly a leap with my health and a guide in balancing the candida in my physical body.

i have experienced that when the mind is balanced, the body quickly follows. sometimes it is vice versa. i can definetly relate to experiencing psychological effects of the candida, and encourage you to work with the mind too, not only the physical body. focusing on breathing.

i think the only difference between you and i with the candida symptoms is that i perceived the abusive thoughts from "outside" myself (my family, friends etc.) and you perceive the abusive thoughts from "inside" yourself, (suicide). in the end it is the same, the last relationship was very abusive and before he was out of my life he did threaten my life.

you are on the right path. the threelac, i am unfamiliar with, but from reading all the posts here on curezone, i think there is no direct route to healing. different variations of these methods will work, you need to find what is true to you and your situation. Definitely check your water source. Are you drinking purified water? if not either boil and use a britia filter or (if you can afford to) buy a purifier or bottled water. Also check for ph balance of the water. I just went to a pet store and bought a ph balance indicator for a fish tank and check the water. now if i go anywhere i am unsure of the water i bring it along and test. from my experience i believe acidic water is one of the major causes contributing to declining health.

i will look into the pure grape juice you mentioned. i am always toning my liver now and i take supplements for my liver with high doses of tumeric, milk thistle and some other herbs. now i am also doing a sauna everyday for detoxing and my skin looks incredible! my daily supplements are Vitamen C (1000-2000mgs) MSM (1000mgs), Coral Calcium, Kelp, Selenium, Vitamen E, Flax oil, and evening primrose oil.

keep on going. your spirit is connecting with you and guiding you. keep connected with it.

email me anytime. (



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