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that's not what I got out of it by trudy ..... Edgar Cayceís Readings

Date:   6/2/2003 10:14:18 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I don't see why you need to avoid chicken, or what your reasons are. Based on the reading Tracey provided, it sounds like Cayce approves eating fish AND chicken, in moderation. That quote indicated that the problem isn't what goes in (food) but what comes out (our actions). I don't think you should try to turn something into a spiritual battle just to avoid it. You don't seem to mind eating fish so it sounds like you don't mind eating animal products (something that was once alive). You know you'll probably be reaching for the KFC anyway, every so often, right? So why don't you just plan to prepare or buy some well-prepared (not fried) chicken once a week, or every so often, to head off the impulse? And from a health standpoint, I don't think chicken once a week, or twice a month, is particularly detrimental. There might be something in it that you need, sometimes that's why we have cravings. Maybe after a few weeks of planning to eat chicken (and appreciating it) then you won't crave it so, and then you could stop eating it again. Just a suggestion.

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