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Forum History! by Tracey ..... Politics Debate Forum # 2 [Arc]

Date:   3/19/2003 9:05:34 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Wizard...before you arrived on these forums we all went through a most interesting period. It was a tense February I tell you! (the whole world was feeling it and so were each of us little individuals). The 'war-like' atmosphere out there in the world was perfectly mirrored in the newly formed 'Political Forum' and also in the ' Spirituality Forum '.

It was ugly. (well, in my mind anyway - I know others seem to like argueing - even when it is oh so painfully obvious that no one is going to change their position...and the ones that do, will never be 'passionately' into the position their choose. O Positions!)

Anyway...the pointless (from my point of view) bantering went on and on...until people seemed to catch on that, WOW, the Christian's are going to be Christians and Anti-Christians are going to be Anti-Christians and fence sitters will be fence sitters etc etc and on and on. So...what happened was...a Christian forum was set that they could play off in their corner peacefully...and hopefully leave other people to their strange views. (won't name the Forums!)

So, it's kinda like we all had this silent agreement that we wouldn't bug them and they wouldn't bug us. Nice and harmonious like.

Of course our little silent agreement wouldn't last long because new people would come in and would do whatever they wanted...which you did.

That's the story.

And it's totally fine that you freely expressed yourself wherever you wanted to express it.

But I just thought I'd fill you in on a bit of the history.

Express away!!

The structures we build are funny...we build 'em and knock 'em down. Build 'em again differently and knock 'em down....

O Life!!


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