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Re: Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide in Healing by Tim ..... Oxygen Therapies Support Forum

Date:   4/16/2003 6:41:19 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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I've been doing the vaporizer method almost every night without any problems. My breathing is actually much better than it was before - although the first night I did it, it casued irritation, and I coughed up infectious mucus. However, using a syringe should work too, I suppose. But I'd think the vaporizer method would get deeper into the sinuses. However, it sounds like you're using too much peroxide - instead of using 1:2 or 1:3 try using a much lower dillution, and then work your way up. If you have lots of infection in there, the high dillutions will cause excessive oxidation which can be very unpleasant. Possibly the same thing is happening with your nausea from the oral peroxide.

Salt, silver, and also vinegar are also very effective. I don't know about the combo of salt and peroxide, but I know silver and peroxide make an effective combo, and vinegar and peroxide combine to make a compound called peracetic acid that is a more potent antimicrobial than either alone. It probabably isn't neccessary to combine them however, since peroxide is probably effective enough just on its own, but if you do use them, try using smaller amounts, so that they don't cause irritation.

The protocol you mentioned sounds good. It's always very important to do any kind of anti-microbial treatment several times a day (even as often as every three hours), because germs will grow back between treatments if you don't do them often enough. This is why Antibiotics /antifungals are usually prescribed to be taken several times a day. The more frequently you do them, the better, because it prevents the germs from growing back. Unfortunatley, this isn't widely known or discussed in the alternative health community.

Read this: (from Positive Health News Report No 20 Spring Issue (2000)

Timing of doses may be the key to successful anti-viral therapy

The original Marc Correa protocol was written in July of 1997. Earlier this week, I attempted to reach him by phone at his grandfather’s home. His grandfather told me that Marc had moved out and he did not know his new phone number. I left my phone number with him and he promised to give it to Marc on his next visit.

For almost 3 years, I have analyzed the Marc Correa protocol looking for the secret of his success and have had two earlier interpretations on this subject. Now I have a third. It is this: It was the timing of the antivirals he took that brought his viral load down to non-detectable levels.

I recall that Marc told me he used the herbal antivirals exactly 3 times a day spaced at the same times he previously used when he was on a drug cocktail that had produced intolerable side effects. As I recall, they were about 8 hours apart. In hindsight, I now regret having not published this small detail that glided right past my conscious mind at the time. I now recall him telling me that he used the whole lemon/olive oil drink at times that would have been about 12 hours apart. While I now recall this information from our conversation, he also failed to include it in the written copy of the protocol he mailed me in July, 1997. “if persons with HIV used drugs cocktails like most people have used alternative therapies, most would have failed on these regimens long ago”

Last week, I met a friend, Rob, whom I haven’t seen in years who is a graduate from medical school. To my surprise, he told me he was selling pharmaceuticals. I said: “so you are a drug salesman.” He said “yes, but the legal ones.” While we both nursed a beer at a local Pub, I discussed with him the amazing results of the vinegar treatment for HIV as relayed to me by Stephen and we got into the subject of the timing of dosages.

Rob told me that the pharmaceutical companies know that the timing of doses in prescription drugs was critical for treatment success. I asked: Why would timing be important for an antiviral treatment? Rob stated: “if the timing between doses is too long, you will have a significant viral rebound. The amount of the drug in the blood has to be kept at a certain level to keep the virus suppressed.”

I then said: Why did you not tell me this 7 years ago when we held long talks on all the various alternative treatments for HIV? He replied: “I wasn’t aware of this 7 years ago and it never occurred to me. You know that the mindset of people using alternative therapies and those using only drugs are at odds. Both sides do not communicate with each other. If persons with HIV used drugs cocktails like most people have used alternative therapies, most would have failed on these regimens long ago”

I replied: “You are right. Viral rebound does not just occur when you have a lab test, it can occur in any 24 hour period that viral suppression stops. When I look back at the Marc Correa protocol, I now realize that the timing of the doses he took was just as important as what he used. This concept of timing is very simple. I wish I would have thought of this years ago. Many of the alternative treatments that we sent down the pike now need to be retrieved and properly retested on a structured schedule where the doses are properly timed.”

On a side note, I asked Rob why the pharmaceutical companies did not come up with more cures for diseases. He said: “Cures, there is no money in cures. Most drugs are designed to alleviate symptoms. This way, the patients is dependent on the drug(s) for the rest of their lives. This generates a steady flow of you know what - the bottom line. If you cured every disease that came along, the sales of drugs would crash and so would the profits.”

My comment: “profits are more important than cures?”

Rob: “it’s all about money.”

Speaking of Timing and Cures

Sometime in February was a short televised evening report on one of the national television networks, either CNN or ABC, about a lady in either New Mexico or Arizona who is 102 years old and still practicing medicine. Her medical practice started in 1928. She was visited by parents with children who drove up to 40 or even 50 miles to see her. At her age, she could walk, talk and function normally like a person 30 or 40 years younger. While I was entranced watching this special, they never spelled out her name, so I don’t know who she is or how to contact her.

One part of the interview especially caught my attention. A mother brought a child with an ear infection that several doctors could not get rid of even after several prescriptions of Antibiotics . The 102 yr. old physician then prescribed more Antibiotics for the child with one important aspect to the protocol - timing. She prescribed smaller doses to be given to the child exactly 3 hours apart 24 hours a day for 3 days. This means that the parents had to wake up the child twice during the night to give the antibiotics. She even said: “if you are even 15 minutes late, forget it, it won’t work.” She said that when antibiotics were first introduced early in this century, this is how they were used, but everyone today has forgotten about it. The news reporter followed up on this report and found that in 3 days, the infection was gone, the child was cured.

As my mind pauses the concepts of her approach, this thought comes forth: I wonder if this timing method of therapy could completely eradicate a virus like HIV in 72 hours? How about other viruses like HHV-6, CMV, EBV, etc. etc.? Let many theories, someone will have to test it to determine if total viral eradication is possible.

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